Not this kind of HONEY... :)

 But... This Kind...

....ever since this little one...

 could talk she called her BIG SIS - HONEY! I don't really even remember how it all started.  Maybe Kinz overheard Erik and I calling each other Honey, we aren't really sure.... But, just like HONEY - it stuck! :)  Soooo.... all of us call the BIG Teenager of the house, HONEY! :) I ♥ LOVE ♥ it! I LOVE that Kinz came up with a little nickname all by herself for her sister and I LOVE that she still calls her that today!

Honey... isn't that little bird on the swing anymore! Each day I watch her change... growing more independent, more mature, more focused on her future and our AMAZING Father!

Yesterday - I grabbed Honey early from school and we went and had lunch together, her choice...

Lunch was YUMMMMY... it was our first time trying BUBBLE Tea - Honey wasn't tooooo sure about the blackish tapioca at the bottom of her beverage (that must have been the 'bubble' part of the tea) :)  We shared a Mango Bubble Tea Smooooothie! :) I thought it was pretty delish - even with the big tapioca pieces! :)  We chatted about school, friends and stuff and then it was that TWO YEAR long wait she had been anxiously awaiting... The ortho appointment to remove all that metal in her mouth!!! Wehooooooooooooooo! SO EXCITING!!!

We drove to the appointment and I came in and read magazines (and tried to peeeeeeeek and see the 'NEW' Honey).  After about 60 minutes - she was done! ...and I was Whoooooping it up BIG TIME in the ORTHO office (I forget how easily teenagers get embarrassed! ha ha! - pretty much everyone in the office knew THIS crazy Momma was EXCITED!!!) WOWIE! She looked SO good! What a TOTALLY FUN Day!!! ...I just couldn't STOP myself from snapping up a bazillion pictures of her!! ha ha!


  1. Oh, she looks so beautiful!! My dad is an orthodontist and I wore braces as a teenager! I totally get the EXCITEMENT of the day you get your braces off! Still remember it! :)

  2. GORGEOUS!!! (of COUSE!) What a fun lunch! LOVE bubble tea (minus the tapioca) but its been SO long since I've had it.

  3. HHHMMMMMM........I've never even heard of bubble tea! :o) Guess I don't know what I am missing! Your daughters are beautiful! I bet Honey is pretty stoked about losing the braces! She looks fabulous! You're a good momma!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥