January 23, 2017

SIX is pretty SUPER!

...unfortunately, it looks like I have resorted to a yearly post on the blog. ha! :) Well, this little shortie turned SIX! She is SUPER, SIllY, and SOOOOOOO much FUN!!!  It is a BLAST to watch her grow up... she is reading and writing really good, she plays soccer, rides her bike, her scooter and loves arts and crafts.  She is the most social kid out of all my kids.... She will walk outside and yell, "HI MILLER!" if she sees a neighbor.  She is smart, funny, she is compassionate, considerate, she is helpful... she really is the cooooooolest kid! We celebrate her sweet little life every day!

July 14, 2015


This pretty, bright, silly, compassionate, caring, sweet, energetic, friendly, happy little munchkin is FIVE!! We have been so fortunate to celebrate each birthday with her!! This one was especially fun! She invited all her neighborhood friends (she delivered all the invites herself)! We played water balloon softball and dress up! EVERYONE joined in - it was GREEEEAT and most important she had a BLAST... The second everyone left, she put on her new jammies and as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out!

She is such a little blessing!! I cannot imagine our lives without her! She adds so much Spice, Sass, and SERIOUS FUN!  I look forward to waking up everyone morning to see her sweet face and her smile that melts my heart!!!  Happy 5th BIRTHDAY to our lil shortie!!!

November 10, 2014

Where did the YEAR go?

....and POOF - Just like that - She's FOUR (4 months ago)!

As I look through Facebook/Instagram/Blogs and see the AMAZING books created from blogs - I'm inspired to continue sharing the story God is writing for lil Miss Mihret and her big sisters - Madison and Makinzi.  It's crazy how time flies and there are SO many memories that we are making that I treasure.  So... I am going to try better to update this little blog to someday turn it into a book - and BOTTLE up some of these AMAZING memories that I keep SO close to my heart.

I am blessed.

August 2, 2013





Mihret is THREE!

She LOVES birthdays!  Loves to eat cake! Loves the excitement she has seen at all of our birthday's this year... she could not wait to celebrate hers! We have been SO fortunate to be able to celebrate THREE birthdays with her! We were in Ethiopia to meet her on her 1st Birthday!

July 12, 2013 - She woke up to balloons all over the house and signs that her sisters and Erik and I made for her (she may not know how to read - but she understood it was all about her!!) :)

She is still pretty cautious and embarresses easily... so we decided to just have a low key family party to WOOOP it up for her. She had a ball! Her cousins came and they played in the kiddy pool and on the trampoline.  She opened sooo many FUN toys and blew the candles out (on her multiple requests for a chocolate CHOCOLATE ice cream cake) about 5 times.

One of her VERY, VERY Favorite gifts was from her Grammy (My Mom) - she made about 10 outfits with matching American Girl doll outfits for her and gave her a dolly that looks just like her! (not American Girl yet, she is still tooooo little for such a fancy shmancy doll).  

This one was one of my FAVES! Embroidery and Bloomers! LOVE!

If you ask her what is her Baby's name... it is "JUST BABY!" :) Well... Baby comes with us everywhere now.  SO FUN! I LOVE IT!

Some of Mihret's 'Terrific THREE' favorite things right now:
We sure LOVE this little Hershey Kiss and are so BLESSED to celebrate her sweet life.
She is a gift.

2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!

June 27, 2013

Class of 2013

....we had a GREAT celebration!

We decided to go to Eastern Washington where most of our family live...
My sister and my mom outdid themselves with decorations, food, and planning a FUN filled night!

Grammy and Honey

SO happy to celebrate her! She deserves it! She has worked so hard! She has grown up and matured so much! She wasn't a super fan of high school and didn't want to go throw the line (but, I still wanted her to wear her cap and gown). :)  Instead of going to high school her senior year she went to a community college and earned both high school credits and college credits! She is now a sophomore in college... She will finish her AA - specializing in Elementary Education next year and then complete her degree at a 4-year University. REALLY excited for her and her future as a teacher!!! Such a knoble, selfless profession - and I know she will be AMAZING at it!!!



...and I am  SO-SO-SO Blessed to be your MOMMY!