Okay.... our fingerprints are now officially in the hands of the FBI (WOW! That sounds Soooooo CSI'ish!! :) Now we will just pray that they can process them quickly and send them back soooooooooooon since that is the only little piece of paper missing from our 
Home Study package. 
...already just looking forward to checking the mail every day! :) 

Finally... we have been fingerprinted! :)


YES!!! We did it! We have officially been fingerprinted at the City of Seatac, Washington and have flown them off to Clarksburg Virginia so the FBI can process them and return them!!! :)
We have now processed all of the paperwork and are just waiting on the return documents to submit for our Home Study.  YIPPPEEEEE! :)

Also, the services for Roberta Sanders were very nice last Saturday and it was really good to see family we haven't seen in a very long time.



Today we bid on a REALLY big job in Issaquah... it would have kept us busy for a long time, without having to bid anymore or wonder about future work for our company...  Well, we were 3rd, out of 15 bidders. Not bad, but didn't get the job. :( Mostly, I think I had such a big desire to get it in HOPES that it would help cover all of our remaining adoption costs. :) We will keep bidding, we know that Jesus has a plan for our lives and that this job was not meant for us...

This weekend we'll be going to the Tri-Cities for Erik's Grandma's funeral... we'll be seeing family that we haven't seen in like... years... I HOPE it will be a good opportunity to reconnect. ...We miss Roberta, but we are SO happy that she is in Heaven with Jesus now.

Soooo.... I sent in a request to the King County Sheriff's office for our Local Background check clearance letters... They indicated that once they receive our request for a local background check that we will see the Clearance letters in 10 days!  I HOPE that's when we see them! :) Since we are going to the Tri-Cities this weekend, I had to cancel our fingerprinting appointment on Saturday... I rescheduled it for Monday... and I am just HOPING Erik will be able to get off work to make it to the appointment... I already have the Cashier's check for $36 and the letter for the FBI, all in a completely 'graffiti'd' envelope! (If I saw that crazy looking envelope, I'm sure I would open it right away!) ha!  :) ... A while ago we went to the Social Security offices to apply for new cards for the whole family. I am HOPING to see those come in the mail any day now.

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my HOPE in your word.
Psalm 119:114

...those who HOPE in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Oh, Dear Jesus... I put all my HOPE in you... you are the WAY, and the truth and the life!

Local Background Check..

Oh Gooooooodness... yesterday, Erik and I went to get our fingerprinting done, a local background check at the Maple Valley Police Station and our Social Security cards for the whole fam...  CHECK. Got the social security cards ordered! YEAH!  However,  the Maple Valley police department could not do a local background check or fingerprinting... their staff has been cut really short and no longer offer these type of administrative services... UGH!  So... Erik and I went to the City of Kent to schedule our fingerprinting for Saturday the 20th... then we can send that off with a letter to the FBI asking them for a background check...  Erik and I need to schedule one more field trip to Seattle to have the King County offices issue our background check... a few hurdles, a few obstacles, but it's okay... God's timing and will for everything will prevail. :)

Almost a Complete List

This weekend we notarized about 10 more documents to send off to AGCI! YEAH!  Finished the workbook, "With Eyes Wide Open", Erik finished his personal Profile! YEAH! ....Left on our list before a visit from our Social Worker for our Home Study is... a copy of all of our Social Security Cards, Local Background check (and letter written on Police Dept. Letterhead stating no Criminal Background, for our Dossier), and fingerprints to send in to the FBI for an FBI Criminal Check... Oooooooooooooooh getting so close to having all the paperwork in!  :)  We continue to pray that God's will be done.