...It feels like in years past I have been a little lazy about decorating for the Holiday's.  This year I decided to get out the Halloween stuff and surprise the girls after school! :)  It was FUN!  Kinzi LOVES all the decorations.  I was excited to pick them up and bring them home...  Tonight Madison didn't have GROUP LIFE (which is a bummer because she absolutely LOVES it) But... between softball and Church functions we find it a little tricky to sit down for dinner at a normal time and share a meal!  Last night, we DID! Erik and I cooked up a storm and since it was soooo nice out we sat out on the back porch... just our little family! It was GREAT! It was Fun to see which direction our table topics went from:  What God thinks about Homosexuality to a persons Nationality to Homecoming, Geometry and the FALL Fair at school AND adopting and bringing home their sister(s)...  I LOVE CONVERSATIONS with my GIRLS!

 This was their favorite part - I made them pose for a few pics! ha ha! So I could 'SPOOKAFY' them a little :)  

This Morning we had THIS for breakfast!!! YUMMMY! I remember these cereals as a kid!!! I LOVED THEM! :)

This weekend.... we're going to have to make our way to a pumpkin patch and get some REAL ones to carve! :)

This is just a  picture of our pet peacocks!! :) We were all feeding them last night - they are SO pretty! :) ...and they just hang out in the yard - every once and a while they come a little tooooo close to the house and leave some lovely PORCH POO for us to clean up! :) ...but all in all they are pretty cool pets! :)


  1. Looks like such fun! My kids and I LOVE Frankenberry! Happy Halloween!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  2. I LOVE your chalkboard door! That is my favorite! The big kitchen spider would freak me out every morning at breakfast while I'd be eating that yummy cereal. Hahahaha. You did a great job, Darcee! And your peacocks are sooo pretty!

  3. That spider is impressive!! You went all out!! :)

  4. Yep! Those peacocks look like they could use some feathers! =D OH well, their loss, my gain ;)

    LOVE the little glimpse into your home - its so beautiful! Drooling over the chalkboard door and GORGEOUS mantle. And can I just say - I'm excited seeing someone else gets excited about Halloween too! It seems rare in these parts...or maybe its just me =)

    Give your girls hugs and high-fives from me (IF that's not too dorky, hehee!).

  5. Awesome fun! I TOTALLY remember those cereals too! Frankenberry and Booberry tied for best! I always saved those little marshmallows for last! You motivate me to decorate ~ I too, have gotten slack at that! Getting our little one(s) will most certainly help change that! :o)

  6. Your decorations are too CUTE! I need to get motivated!! :) And I seriously cannot believe you have peacocks in your backyard!!!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥