♥ Gotta Watchya a couple GOTCHYA Videos! ♥

I LOVE each and every one of these GOTCHYA Videos that have been made - each child that gets brought HOME!

The SMITH FAMILY bring home BROTHERS! ...and bring me to tears with their smiles!

Blessings of a Burdened Heart from smith on Vimeo.

Thank you DUNLAP FAMILY for sharing your AMAZING Journey to Yohannes! ♥

I don't think I can watch one of these AMAZING GOTCHYA Videos without tears just rolling down my cheeks! It is AWESEOME to see how GOD creates FOREVER FAMILIES!


  1. hi there! the gotcha day videos are SOOO great--we can't wait to have one of our own!

    do you mind if i snag your ethiopian statistics, from your sidebar? i wanted to do a blog post with those statistics in mind...and i don't mind linking up your blog, or wherever you got them from.
    please let me know!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥