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 Okay... So, I started to get CURIOUS after sending in our I-600A form and waiting over 5 weeks for SOMETHING to come in the mail... I decided to call the USCIS and find out the status. I just didn't want to have had them send something to us and I didn't receive it through the mail - and we missed our fingerprint appointment or something. Anyway,  I talked to someone at the USCIS  that said after April 2010 all of the Adoption requests are being handled by the National Benefits Center - I heard stuff about the NBC on the listserv - but wasn't completely sure of their involvement and what it meant to me.

Thankfully the nice USCIS lady pointed my in the right direction and I was able to email the NBC at  They responded in like 2 hours - first response, "I can't find anything... could it be under a different name?" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh OH NO! 2nd email I received was that they had located it and it had a case number but was assigned to a different case worker and she was going to forward my email to her to help me understand where we are in the process! YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!  So, I quickly grabbed the little case number and plugged it back into the USCIS system for tracking the progress and well... none of the little 'completed' buttons changed colors.

I will patiently wait to hear back from the NBC lady! Hoping to receive the I-797 "Notice of Action" SOON!

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