Class of 2013

....we had a GREAT celebration!

We decided to go to Eastern Washington where most of our family live...
My sister and my mom outdid themselves with decorations, food, and planning a FUN filled night!

Grammy and Honey

SO happy to celebrate her! She deserves it! She has worked so hard! She has grown up and matured so much! She wasn't a super fan of high school and didn't want to go throw the line (but, I still wanted her to wear her cap and gown). :)  Instead of going to high school her senior year she went to a community college and earned both high school credits and college credits! She is now a sophomore in college... She will finish her AA - specializing in Elementary Education next year and then complete her degree at a 4-year University. REALLY excited for her and her future as a teacher!!! Such a knoble, selfless profession - and I know she will be AMAZING at it!!!



...and I am  SO-SO-SO Blessed to be your MOMMY!

...Those Pesky Pronouns

It really is FUN to hear what new, funny thing is going to come out of Mihret's mouth.  She is starting to sound more and more like a teenager (thanks to her older sisters) :) ...a little scary sometimes.
Buuuuuut... one thing we've all noticed is her interesting use of pronouns...
It goes a little like this...

"What HER making?"
"US need to make cookies."
"Where is HER?"
"What's YOURS name?"
"There's cheese on YOURS lips Mommy. :)"
"Does Jesus live in YOURS heart?"
"What did HIM say?"

Soooo... we are casually correcting her (I think it is a little endearing, and it kinda makes me smile sometimes) when we hear it and hoping she will get the hang of it pretty soon, ...I don't remember her sisters experiencing those pesky pronouns the way she does (although, it has been a reeeeeeeeeally long time since they were that little)  ;)

Note: Pronouns are wonderful little words that make speaking and writing easier.  Imagine if you had to use your name every time you refer to yourself.  Instead of saying, "I left my keys in my car," you'd have to say, "Iving Pigwart left Irving Pigwart's keys in Irving Pigwarts's car." And just think how irritating this would be if your name really was Irviing Pigwart! - from