On October 2nd, 12 years ago - An AMAZING Women went to be with JESUS!  If there is anyone I would consider my MENTOR... an EXAMPLE.... What I want to be like when I grow up - it was my GRANDMA!!!
I want to ALWAYS recognize her Humble, Selfless, God-loving, AMAZING LIFE and CELEBRATE it!  Madison was able to get to know her Great Grammy Annie for a short period in her life but, unfortunately Kinz didn't get to meet her.  ...and because I was pregnant (after lots of struggles) with a high risk pregnancy I wasn't able to fly to Missouri with my Dad and Sister to say Good-bye. I was able to send them something to read at her funeral...

A Caring, Sensitive Mom
A Devoted, LOVING Wife
A One-of-a-Kind SUPER Sister
A Stand Up Terrific Aunt

Growing up I anxiously awaited each visit to Missouri to see Grandma.  I loved everything about going to see her.  I loved to catch fireflies with her and put them in a little jar and use them for a night light before we went to bed, I loved to eat lots and lots of her SPAGHETTI RED (I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - in fact, I think I did), I loved to sit with her on the porch swing and talk to her about my hopes and dreams, I loved to listen to her stories of her childhood, I loved to listen AND see her incredible relationship with Grandpa and the LOVE they shared, I enjoyed hearing about the crazy things that my Dad and Jimmy George did when they were kids.  I enjoyed hearing about, and seeing the close bond she shared with her sisters, I loved to watch how she took such great care of so many people.  She was an AMAZING person!

One time Grandma even had Nanakitty and Aunt Mary pull the car over to pick up a couple turtles off the side of the road, so that when I came to visit I would have a couple pet turtles to play with.  She kept those little turtles - fed them and took care of them for months before I came to visit!  She was always thinking of how to make other people happy - and boy when I saw those turtles I was thrilled!

As I grew up she taught me SO much!  I learned to forgive, I learned not to hold a grudge, I learned to give freely and selflessly of myself when someone is in need, I learned to work hard at whatever I do, I learned to be patient... I learned to LOVE!  I learned to stay FOCUSED on JESUS! I learned SO many life lessons from her as she illustrated her life to me!  I was able to look at Grandma and see just the type of person I wanted to BECOME.

Now that I am older and I am married and have daughters of my own - I hope and pray that I can be the kind of mother she was, the kind of wife she was, the kind of sister she was, the kind of Aunt she was... and someday the kind of GRANDMA she was!

I will FOREVER and EVER cherish each moment I was able to spend with Grandma and I will always have the utmost respect, admiration and LOVE for her.

OCTOBER has really become a month to celebrate!  In remembrance of my GRANDMA - the cooooooolest person I think I have ever met in my entire life and the MIRACLE of MAKINZI! ...she was born 27 days after my Grandma died.(and guess what Kinz wants for her birthday this year.... a TURTLE!) ha ha! ♥

I would have LOVED to have shared with her about our adoption and this AWESOME Path God has led us on! There have been a LOT of times in my life when I wish I could pick up the phone and call her.  I'm sure she is up in HEAVEN celebrating each referral and will do a HAPPY Dance once we get ours and get to bring our daughterl(s) home! :) 


  1. How precious!! Love Grandmothers!! Sounds like you had an amazing one!! :)

  2. Lovely tribute to your Grandma, Darcee! No doubt she is still smiling and still loving you from Heaven.


Thank you for your kind words! ♥