GOING a little CRAZY!

Okay... so YESTERDAY at work, at home, in the office, doing paperwork, starting a new job, emailing, answering phone calls, scanning, and faxing stuff... I think i went a little CRAZY with all of the ACTION items happening at the exact SAME Time!! :) 

When it was finally time to go pick up the girls... I was SO Excited - to scooooot on out of here! :) ...Madison went to her friends and I grabbed Kinz and took her Pitcher/Catcher practice... once we got there we realized she misplaced her...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! So, we called, emailed, searched my car, Erik's car, the house... no Catcher's mit! :( We were SO bummed... they're PRICEY little things and it has taken FOREVER to work the mit in, until it is FINALLY usable.

I told myself, Erik and the girls... IT'S GONNA BE A GREAT DAY!!! ...First GOOD thing - We got an email from one of the Softball peeps that told us they picked up Kinzi's mit! PHEW!!!
and... this is where it gets a little CRAZY...
After I dropped the girls off at school I called a radio station to try to WIN concert tickets for the girls... (I have never ever gotten anything but a BUSY Signal - but felt like today was MY day to get through) Yep, about 6 tries into it and all I got was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY...
Then the next time I dial.... IT RINGS!!!!!

NO WAY!!!! I was TOTALLY EXCITED!! I didn't even give them a chance to SPEAK...I instantly yelled into the phone, "AM I CALLER 106??" OMIGOOOOODNESS!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!" I'm CALLER 106 right?
This is what I hear, "HELLO?"
"YA YA YA I'm HERE!!!!"
There was a little bit of awkward silence...
He says, "WHAT?"
I said, "This is 106.1 right?"
The next thing I said was, "WHO IS THIS??"
Then... my goood ol husband at the other end of the phone - tells me "DARCEE, do you need a VACATION??" ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sure glad it's the weekend... I think you're starting to lose your mind!!!" :)
Omigooooooooodness - somehow I dialed HIM instead of the radio station - how did I do that?! HA HA! HA! We both just died laughing!!! and I can't help but...

I thought for SURE - I was the winner of...


Well... anyway, it was a GREAT start to the day! :) It's SO much more FUN to create those SMILE lines than those FOREHEAD Ones. :)



  1. whew! now i'm tired! what a BUMMER that you weren't caller 106! but still a VERY funny story!

  2. I was hysterically laughing out loud! Oh man, we do have to remember to have a sense of humor!!

  3. That is hilarious!! It is not often that I laugh out loud when reading something but that totally got me!! Thanks for the laugh...sounds like something I would have done!! :)

  4. :) Thanks for the comments Ladies!! HA HA HA! :) ...It's FUN to share a laugh with ya on FRIDAY!!! ♥

  5. Hilarious!!! Love this! Sounds just like something I would do! :)

  6. BUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is sooo funny Darc!!! Good thing you called your HUSBAND! It would have been embarassing if it was anyone else! Hehee...still giggling here, thanks for the laugh!

  7. What a great post!! I am laughing so hard that I'm crying right now!! I even read the post to my husband who slightly chuckled....guess you had to be there, right? :-)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥