...While we wait nine months to a year to bring home our daughter(s) - It really pales in comparison to having to wait 3 LONG years and a witness a horrific earthquake and then have to LEAVE your son and go back home - to FIGHT to bring their sweet boy HOME!  This IS a GOD story - I believe Each and Every adoption story is! This story touches my heart now and during their process of bringing home their son... we were informed of the Howerton's adoption and were able to pray for them as a CONGREGATION at Mark's brother's church OCC. This GOD Story was shown on TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION.  This story has encouraged me!

I hope this encourages you in your WAIT for your child, or Inspires you to CARE for the ORPHANS or gives you the eyes to see how AMAZING our GOD is!!

Mark and Kristen Howerton tell their family’s stories of adoption (Kristen was one of our Featured Bloggers). While in the process of adopting from Haiti, Kristen was in Haiti visiting their son when the earthquake hit. Their story is a God story. Let it be an encouragement to you that although we most often do not see God at work in our stories, 
He most certainly is.

God Story: The Howerton Family
from ROCKHARBOR on Vimeo.

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