My LIL Ethiopian Valentine

My day started out with my FAVE latte and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks from my HONEY POOOOO! It was SO SWEET and the BEST Valentine's day breakfast evaaah! :) Mmm Mmm! ...That's LOVE! :)

So, this is the FIRST year - that it was not necessary to make Valentine's for the girls classes - Madison had outgrown it a while ago - but now that Kinz is out of elementary  - they were both like, 'uuuuh no Mommy, we DON'T take Valentine's to school anymore'... It was kind of sad actually! They are getting tooooo grown up... I guess I will just have to look forward to when Miss Mihret is in school and I can help her make Valentine's for her classmates! :)  Instead today, we made a lot of cupcakes and ate a lot of cupcakes!!! :) ...oh ya and had a lil mini Valentine photo shooot! hehe! :)


  1. Darcee, that girl is just TOO cute for words!!!! She has such an infectious smile! Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your sweeties!!!

  2. What a gorgeous smile! Glad you had such a great day :-)

  3. Hey girlie! Just catching up on your blog. Been busy busy trying to get our paperchase going! :) Anyway, LOVE all your pictures of your cutie. What a little blessing she is, for sure! I'm doing that James study too and it is amazing so far. I think we might be doing that lesson tonight that you talked about since I've already done the homework on it. Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥