FEB. PHOTO a DAY - Instagram!

I've never done a PHOTO challenge before and I always thought they sounded like FUN... Soooooo, I decided to give this one a shot...

....thought I'd share here since I am having so much FUN with it on Instagram! :)

February 1. YOUR VIEW TODAY!
Mihret and I walking to the mailbox and painting our tootsies

February 2. WORDS 
WONDERFUL, beautiful WORDS to live by WORDS...

February 3. HANDS

February 4. A STRANGER 
Loooook, there is one behind Mihret - at cold stone! hehehe :)

Febraury 5. 10 am 
Getting ready to go on a HIKE
... at the top of the MOUNTAIN -  lil Si

February 6. DINNER 
I FORGOT about DINNER!! ha ha! I don't know how that happened! 
I LOOOOOVE DINER! :) ...Oh well... onto the next day! ;)

February 7. BUTTON
A lil Chai Latte to start out with... LOVE that BREW button! :)
Then Mihret and I went to the park with Janet and Tarah - PUSHED this BUTTON to cross the street! :)

February 8. SUN
Unfortunately, there was not a lot of SUN that day - so I posted a pic from the day before. :)

It was such a GREAT day! I had to SUPER SIZE this pic!!! :)

February 9. FRONT DOOR 
Mihret got her BOW OF THE MONTH for February today! :)

February 10. SELF PORTRAIT 
Was happy to turn this B&W to hide a few of those pesky SMILEY LINES! :)

February 11. MAKES ME HAPPY
Oooooooh GOSH - this was a hard ONE - cuz SO many things make me HAPPY - but... we were at KINZI's Softball game and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE....

...had fun teaching Mihret how to jump in RAIN PUDDLES with her NEW boooots too! :)

Februray 12. INSIDE MY CLOSET 
a lil PROJECT HOPEFUL necklace and a few of my other necklaces from Kenya and ET! :)

February 13. BLUE
 Grabbed a few of Mihret's blue bows and BLING! hehehe! :)

...and remembered these TWO (when they were little) with their BIG BLUE EYE glasses! ha ha!

It really has been FUN - and it's COOL to see other people's PHOTOS of the day too! - TOTALLY digging Instagram right now!  :) Well, there are MORE days left in February, so this post is...
....TO BE CONTINUED... :) 


  1. So glad we are IG buddies now. I've enjoyed your lovely pics!

  2. These pics are SOOOO cute! And I LOVE the idea :-) I can't wait to see the rest!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥