Bowling, SNOW and a visit to the Doc...

I haven't been blogging lately....  Sooooo, I thought I'd share a lil of what our crazy fam has been up to with a few PICS... mostly of a lil someone! :)

Mihret did a lil bowling, showed off her belly (I think she is prettttty darn proud of it, - and that belly button thingy is prettttty coooool), and was her silly lil self - trying to get the ball to make it to the pins! :) ha! LOVE it! She is a character! ...gets me laughing all the time!!!

...This January we had some SERIOUS snow... keeping Erik home from work and the girls home from school for like 7 whopping days!! It was soooooo crazzzzzzzzy!! It was nice to have everyone home for a little while - but I have to say, I was relieved when the snow was gone, and we could all get out of the house and back into our regular schedules... :)

...Mihret had her 18 month check up!!! She is doing gooooood! GROWING great and SUPER DUPER Smart! hehehe! .....okay I'm a lil biased! :) ...When she got HOME her Iron levels were low - so they had me give her an Iron Supplement - and wanted to retest her blood today to see how her levels looked now...  It was a looooooooooong wait sitting in the doctors office... we got a lil bored - so I took a few pics! :)  ....Turns out her iron levels were still low - so we made a trip to Children's... and still really have no clear understanding of why they are low or what we should do now... kinda frustrating.  But, they ruled out some major stuff... so, this Momma was relieved. :)

I loooooove taking pictures of this sweeeeet girl!!! She is a JOY and a BLESSING to our family!!! I sooooooo look forward to waking up every morning to see her happy lil face! OOOOH Boy, I LOVE her!!!

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  1. Darcee,
    Your little girl is BEAUTIFUL! I know we've never officially met but I've figured out who you are from the AGCI connections.:) LOVE LOVE your ET sweetie and I have always noticed what an encourager you are to others on the listserv.


Thank you for your kind words! ♥