It's hard to believe it has been SIX months since Mihret has been HOME!! ....WOW! How ALL of our lives have CHANGED!  She really is AMAZZING! AWESOME! ...and from our very first meeting  - I thought it would be soooooo hard to bond and attach with this little one.  We definitely were not her favorite people - we were greeted with a lot of tears and resistance.  We were strangers. She was scared. We were nervous and wanted to do and say all the right things... for our new, beautiful DAUGHTER!! I had absolutely no idea... the day I grabbed her from HH and went back to our hotel room - that she would LIKE me! She cuddled and LOVED me!  - and it just continued to get better and better from that point forward. ...an answer to prayer! ...as much as she NEEDED to be LOVED - I wanted her LOVE toooo! ...and it happened! Thanks be to GOD for this sweet little GIRL - He definitely knew what He was doing when He put her in our family! She is a FANTASTICALLY goooooofy, silly, happy, joyful babe that fits right in with all the rest of us!!

We LOVED her far before we ever met her!

We couldn't imagine our lives without her! I look forward to EVERY morning when I get to wake up and see this sweet lil face!

I thank God for choosing her to be a part of our FAMILY!

We LOVE YOU Mihret!


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  2. She is adorable!!! Her beautiful smile brings joy to so many!!!!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥