…it was a crazy beginning to our Monday morning May 2nd, 2010 – I was walking upstairs to the office at our place and noticed I missed a call!! FROM AGCI!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! How did that happen! ?? ha ha!  I listened to the message from our Case Worker, “T” and she asked me to call back because she has some updates to share with me. Hmmmm… UPDATES?  REFERRAL?  I don’t know, it didn’t sound quite the same.  I called her back and she informed me that as of today I will have a new case worker for the rest of our adoption process and that she will be working with the paperwork families from now on….  I asked how things are coming along on the Referral front and if she sees any going out anytime sooooooon (hehehe), and I got NOTH’N! :)

We went along with our day as usual… I dropped Kinzi off at school, Madison drove that day…. and then at about 2:50 p.m. I’m ALMOST to Kinzi’s school to pick her up...

AND MY PHONE RINGS – Yaaaaaaaaaa!!! THAT SPECIAL OLD FASHIONED RING TONE (like that crazy  FB profile picture I've been starring at for almost 7 weeks)!!! I answer on speaker phone, in the car and It is my NEW Case Worker “B”!! She asked how my day is going, If I talked to “T” and some other light and fluffy stuff! …THEN she told me I better pull OVER because she has A LITTLE GIRL to talk to me about… I was sitting at a...

red light... Which is funny... CUZ I think my WHOLE LIFE just stopped for a SEC to take in this AMAZING MOMENT!! THIS MOMENT we have been waiting for FOR so LONG... THIS MOMENT I learn I am a MOMMY again!! THIS MOMENT I was totally wishing I was not in the car at a red light!! :) OH, I soooo wish we all were together at HOME - listening to THIS call!!!

The second the light TURNED...

My heart was RACING, my foot was on the peddle and it was GOOOOOO TIME! :) ....As Brandi began to share detail after detail... 

 ONE little GIRL – OH MY!!! I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I was just hanging on “B’s” EVERY WORD!!! As she continued to tell me about our sweet little 9 month old “M” – she occasionally asked if I wanted to PROCEED… OH YES!! Keeeeeep ON TALKIN’!!  THIS IS IT! We have been waiting for SOooooooooo LONG to hear about the child GOD has chosen for our family to LOVE and CARE for FOREVER and EVER!!

As COMPLETLEY AND UTTERLY EXCITED as I was – my heart already hurt for her Birthmother and for her. How HARD all of this was and is for both of them! “B” and I talked about every single piece of information about little "M"… her health records, her legal records – everything and anything they knew about her and her family…

During this time – I had grabbed Kinz from school and we were both listening to “B” share everything about her new little sister and our baby girl…

We talked for 1 hour and 13 minutes!!  

- By that time, we were both home (thank gooodness - we knew we needed to get to a computer soon - that her picture will be coming via email...), Erik was home from work and Madison was home from school… I got off the phone with “B”!! RUNNING all over the house (like the CRAZZZZZZZZZY lady I am) just screaaaming and and trying to find everyone and tell them they have a little sister – WE HAVE A BABY GIRL!!!!!  I shared all the details, printed everything out for Erik to read… as we waited (not sooooo patiently) for “B” to send us pictures of our sweet little "M" ("M" Yaaaaaa, another "M" kiddo in this fam!! Toooooo COOOL)!! ♥

I must have hit F9 100 times to check for NEW messages on my OUTLOOK – in the 15 minutes it took for her to send the email!!!!

The SECOND I got it I yelled for EVERYONE to come see her pictures!!  OOOOH!!! We all just FELL IN LOVE with EVERY SINGLE ONE!! We are SO excited to finally see her SWEET face! OH HOW WE ALL LOVE HER!! SO MUCH!! ...We are SO blessed, thankful, grateful, thrilled, excited to see who God had planned all along for our family... to be hers!

Psalm 68:5-6a:
“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,  is God in his holy dwelling.  God sets the lonely in families..”
 Praising HIM for little "M" 
Praying for her and how hard her little life has been so far...
THANKING Him for placing her in OUR family. ♥


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