May 5th - I feel like we just couldn't get the information filled out fast enough!! :)  ...we got them all signed, notarized (by my AWESOME cousin Debbie), initialed and sealed it with a BIG OLE KISS and sent it off to OREGON at AGCI with a GIANT PRAYER for our little girl! - I'm ALMOST sure the UPS guy thought I was a little LOOOONY when I handed him my phone and asked him to pleeeeease snap a shot of me! ha ha ha ha! :) TOOO FUNNY! But, I just want to be able to document every single minute from now on till we bring LITTLE M Home!!! ♥

...and this day - couldn't have been any better to schedule a CUPCAKE AND COFFEE outing with two of my COOOOOOOOOOLEST friends...

(it's pretty funny to ask all these awesome strangers to take random pictures for our BLOGS, for our memories..♥ LOVE it!)

LOVE spending time with these gals talking about our kids, Africa, traveling, videos, pictures, handing over some DONATIONS for HH!!!... and EATING SUPER YUMMMMMMMMMY CUPCAKES!! ♥

On... Friday May 6th I received a call from our case worker saying she received the ACCEPTANCE Package and there was one little thing that we needed to fix - The PHOTO MEDIA RELEASE form (for some reason that crazy form was so confusing) - we missed a signature there... AAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! :( ....BUT she reassured me that there would be NO hold up on continuing to move forward and she will have the last bit of information from us and our social worker there on Monday! :) YIPPPEEEE!!  Also, on MONDAY - I will have a meeting on the phone with "B" about 'THE NEXT STEPS..."


  1. Hi! New reader! And a great post to start with!!


  2. Oh forgot a siggy on the one that didn't matter =) YAY for one more thing done! =) Lil M - your momma is COMIN' for you!!!!! Remember what I said about the "next steps" call, mmkay?


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