…After we received our REFERRAL CALL for our sweet baby girl… later that evening one of my newest friends, that I actually met via BLOGGING, but now… one of my VERY closest friends, to my heart and my actual LOCATION  :) ‘popped’ over with her awesome kiddos and some HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Hugs and treats!!! OH GOODNESS! I LOVE her! She blessed us with a NEW and IMPROVED balloon!! YAY! The #1 balloon she gave me almost 7 weeks ago was really starting to deflate! :)

  She got the cutest littlest pillow pet I’ve ever seen – for “M’s” sweeeeet little head! YUMMY CANDY!! And a COLD STONE gift card – even though we haven’t known each other for long… she has got me figured out! Ha ha! I TOTALLY LOVE SWEEEEEEEEEETS - Like 24-7!! ha ha!! :)  She has been such a HUMONGOUS support of our adoption and has such a passion to help care for the widows and the orphans!! See these sweet words on her BEAUTIFUL Blog: ELLEJTHOUGHTS
Thanking our AWESOME God for this very special friend!! ♥

...Then I took Kinz to softball practice and one of my dearest friends blessed me with this! OH GOOOODNESS I LOVE THEM!!  Thank you JUNE and Kara!!

…the other day I came home and I saw this on my doorstep…

Another new and AMAZING close friend in such a short period of time blessed us with the sweetest card and a beautiful frame and a picture with our little "M"  - in it saying, "We followed our hearts rather than our Itinerary." THANK YOU SHANNON! ♥ It is TOTALLY already hanging up! Every time I walk by it I blow kisses to my little SWEETIE! :)

I am SOOOOOOOOOO Glad to have SO many AMAZING people in our lives!! I am seriously GRATEFUL beyond words!! The phone calls, texts, FB messages, BLOG comments, list serve emails!!! I have printed SO many TOTALLY AWESOME WORDS out by SO many great people celebrating HER little life - to put into a book for her to read someday!!  I know it will put the BIGGEST smile on her face like it has MINE! :)   
... It really is gonna be the ABSOLUTE COOOOOOLEST thing ever to tell little “M” how many people have been thinking about her, LOVE HER and have been praying for her for SOOOO LONG!


  1. Awww...you do have amazing friends!!!!! {And no, I'm talkin' about me...haha!}

  2. What a sweet message, Darcee!!! I feel the same - so blessed and grateful for God setting us up, and growing our friendship strong and true ever since. Love Ya Tons, My Dear Friend, and Happy Mother's Day!!!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥