Niki, Janice, Tarah, Megan and Me

♥ LOVE ♥ these girlies! I am SO, SUPER blessed to have them in my life! 
...God placed this INCREDIBLE idea of adopting on Erik's Big OLE heart... He shared it with me, we talked about it, prayed about it, and prayed about it and prayed about it... and God put it on my heart as well... 

...I have to say, I really didn't know anyone who had adopted, I didn't have any idea of what to expect, the ups and downs, ins and outs - NOTHING - other than I would have to learn as I go and rely on the MAN UPSTAIRS for my strength and support!

...I am still relying on HIM (BIG TIME), but I am SO thankful He put some AMAZING people in my life to share this journey with. I enjoy supporting, loving, encouraging them as much as I LOVE their support.  

...I TOTALLY didn't realize what an AMAZING adoption community there is!  I have met some INCREDIBLE people through the AGCI List Serve, Blogging, Facebook... It is REALLY the coolest thing EVER, how SO, SO many people come together to BE THERE for each other during the struggles, to answer questions, to CELEBRATE with ya- and most people have NEVER EVER even met in REAL life - but LIFT each other up and encourage each other - every step of the way! 

I thought I was gonna feel ALL ALONE, SCARED, COMPLETELY CLUELESS, OFF MY ROCKER :) (and sometimes i do) but, I know that there is this GREAT BIG HUGE Adoption Community who is right there ready to help ya, encourage ya, support ya... LOVE ya!!


  1. Awww...we DO love ya Darcee!!!! I have felt the same way, and feel so incredibly blessed by the adoption community as well!

  2. Girl, I feel the same way!! I knew NO ONE who had adopted from Ethiopia when we started this journey! And I just LOVE the amazing adoption community! It has been such a BLESSING in my life! Thank you, Jesus!!

  3. It is such a great & challenging journey and to be blessed by total strangers that have the same heart is the good (or should I say God) part!

    Love the adoption community!

  4. AMEN! I was checking out the unofficial list for the 50th time (he, he) and I can't believe HOW STINKIN' CLOSE you are to sisters!!! I almost want to hold my breath! Soooo great to walk this road with all of you... just wish we lived a little closer!

  5. I have been amazed at the adoption support and encouragement that I have found and received from blogging!! What a privilege to be able to walk the road of adoption with one another!!

  6. Such a beautiful picture of all you mamas! I'm too am so thankful for the friends we have made along this journey....ones that are close and some across the country. Soooo cool how God weaves us all together!

  7. Hi Darcee,
    I am So happy to say that you Won my Blog
    Giveaway! Congrats to you Girl.
    Please email me with your Mailing info.

  8. Yes, I have been amazed at the additional blessing in adoption.....that is, the adoption community! I am SO excited for you, girl! Still hoping that we are in ET at the same time! :)

  9. It's amazing how you can start out the adoption process as a loner and mid-way realize the incredible network God has provided. HE is amazing!!!
    God's blessings #9!
    Sarah :D


Thank you for your kind words! ♥