WOWIE! I WON! and... These are a few of my FAAAAVORITE Things...

HOLY SMOKES!!! Still stuck with my jaw wide open in shock that I WON something!! ha ha! Growing up, it was ALWAYS my sister winning the Cakes at the Cakewalk at the school carnival or the countless coloring contests we entered at the grocery stores.. ...I do try though...
...EVERYDAY my lil 12 year old and I try to win (at this point ANYTHING - we don't even care what it is :)) on the radio station! I am SERIOUSLY convinced it has GOT to be the HARDEST thing to do... EVER!  Both of us will TOTALLY FREEEEAK out if we are caller 106 one of these days!!! (I will be sure to let ya'll know) :)

BUT.... I did WIN a TOTALLY Killer Blog GIVEAWAY! 
...If you haven't checked out

You TOTALLY need to! She's a  SUPER,  DUPER Talented Adoptive Momma & Grandma of 2 Amazing Guys and 2 Beautiful Bio Girls. She created THIS...
I can't WAIT to put it on my daughters lil arm and tell her how much I LOVE her!  
Hmmm.. but, I may have to purchase ONE more... for her SISTER!! :) ♥♥

Okay...Sooooo... Because I TOTALLY LOVE  ♥ LOVE the Sound of Music - I don't know if it goes waaaaaaaaaaaay back to my childhood - when we watched this movie every year around Christmas time - but it just makes me SMILE! :)

...and TOTALLY leads into a few things I got with a little of my Christmas money this year! :)

...and THEEeeeeeeeeeeese are a FEW of MY Faaaaaaaaavorite Things...

...okay so I spent a little of Erik's Christmas Money tooo (hee hee) Cuz I knew he would just LOVE it if I got him the Mustard colored Feeding the Orphans T.


...I LOVE ♥ LOVE me some HEADBANDS... I thought maybe I would put these CUTE lil POPPIES away and save them for my SWEEETIES, except I totally  like them tooo! :)  ...but, I  promise to share with all the little girlies in our house. :)  Thanks LAUREN, these are SO FUN!
You can check them out for yourself at

 Here I am - sporting my lil POPPIE Head band! LOVE IT! :) 

So the last thing I got with Christmas MOOOLAH was this...

 I have been looking at... and LOVIN' it MUCH ♥ - and FINALLY decided to get it! SO Excited to see it come in the mail and even MORE excited that it is helping to bring sweet Caroline Faith HOME! If you haven't checked out Alison's sweeeet BLOG - just visit her  HERE.  If I could VOTE for a Mrs. Congeniality in this CRAZY, AMAZING BLOG world - I would TOTALLY voter for her! ♥  ONE SWEEEEEET CHICKA and ONE SUPER COOOOOOOL Bracelet! :) THANKS ALISON!

and I had ordered this shirt a while ago from Amy at embraced in love and I got it in the mail the other day... OKAY... so, you can see it has been TOTALLY Fun going to the mailbox these days!! :)  I LOVE this shirt! - Aaaaaaaaand... it IS turning my life around... even if we are still just WAITING to see our sweet little girls. They are in our hearts and in our minds daily!  We are praying for them, their family, their situation, their sweet little lives and what they could possibly be experiencing right now. I MISS them and LOVE them.
I can't wait to see their adorable little faces! 


  1. Ok so the verse on the red long sleeve shirt is one of my FAVORITE verses!!! LOVE it!! I'm going to go check out the last shirt too.. So glad you won the junk posse giveaway:)

  2. Darcee -- you are adorable!!! I just love reading your posts and messages. I probably should confess that I've been lurking on Lovin'Much this month; I need to come out of lurking and just follow her. She is amazing too - love her spirit. =) YEA to lots of goodies - love em all!

  3. Oh Man!! We're trying to save money but there are just sooooo many cool items out there that support our favorite cause! Such a true statement about Alison! She is such a sweetheart!

  4. I love everything! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok, so i definitely need to drop some hints about Junk Posse to my hubby for Valentine's day!

  6. Yay, congrats on winning!! That's awesome! And you got some way cool stuff for Christmas! :)

  7. Whoot, whoot for winning!!! I love all the creative things families have come up with. I just ordered a tutu from these guys,, and I can't wait to see it!

  8. Awwww!! Darcee, you are too sweet!!! Just now seeing this precious post!! Seriously girl, YOU would be Miss Congeniality though! :) You are a sweetheart! Thanks for the shout-out for our bracelets, and thanks again for buying one to help us bring Caroline Faith home!! I should have it in this week, and I will get it in the mail to you asap!! YAY!!!! :)

  9. I have the 'favorite things' song going through my head now!!! Love the shirts (especially the red one...!)

    Thanks for all your encouraging words!

  10. Glad that you won! These are some great things...some of which I have have some great taste! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥