Into the Streets of CHILE...

Madison has a BIG servants heart and a PASSION for Missions and I ♥ LOVE IT ♥!  ...When the STUDENT Ministries at Overlake Christian Church (OCC) mentioned a CHILE MISSION TRIP! She was ON BOARD!

She thought it would be FUN to create a little bit of a different letter to send out to her friends and family for prayer and support.  So, she visited TINY PRINTS and made a this card....

on the back of her card it says:


This year I am a sophomore and I have been going to Overlake Christian Church (OCC) and LOVE getting involved in Group Life and their Youth Ministries.  An incredible opportunity arose to serve at-risk children living on the street in Santiago, Chile! I've developed a passion and desire to serve in this capacity.  After one mission trip to Guatemala and 2 trips to Kenya, I feel like am prepared to serve whole-heartedly, however I'm needed in Chili.  We will be doing drop-in programs during the afternoons that include games, stories, crafts, and music and assisting in the construction of an outreach preschool program.  Most importantly we plan to give them HOPE by sharing JESUS CHRIST with them!

I would LOVE to have you partner with me on this AMAZING opportunity to serve in Chile by PRAYER or with your financial gifts.  I will feel INCREDIBLY blessed to receive either of them! ♥  The total amount I am trying to raise is $1,100.00.  This amount includes travel expenses, food, lodging, and ministry materials...

Thanks in advance, for you LOVE and SUPPORT ,


 We helped Madison with her Guatemala mission trip when she was going into 7th grade and of course, took her with us to Kenya to serve there in 2008 and 2009!  But we told her this is her responsibility this time. To send out her letters, etc, attend all the training meetings, organize donations, fund raise etc... We are TOTALLY excited that she has such a BIG OLE HEART for missions and we are even more excited that she is taking the initiative, with GOD's Help, to participate in this amazing opportunity!

It is SO FUN to watch her grow up, mature, see what her priorities are, passions are... I wish I would have had the opportunity to be involved in such COOOOOOOOl Student Ministries.  It is refreshing knowing she can go to a group life meeting and have contact with other leaders who hold her accountable, teach her, help her, listen to her, pray for her!!!

I am BLESSED to be able to be her MOMMY - that's FOR SURE! ...and I'm excited about her trip to Chile and to hear how God uses her there!!   SHINE ON SISTAHHH! ♥

She is gonna be a GREAT example and influence to her new little sister(s)! YAY!


  1. Darcee that is so cool!!! I love your daughters heart!! We are thinking about taking Eliza to pick up her baby bro. That would be a cool thing for her to send out. She is already trying to think of ways to fund cute.

  2. She is so beautiful, and I can tell that her heart is even more beautiful!!! And thanks so much for my cute birthday song!! I LOVE it!!! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥