GOD is in the Giveaways!!

Sooooo... this week has been a little HARDer than others....  Like LIFE is sometimes.... a little miscommunication here, a little super duper bad economy for construction here, a trip to urgent care with Kinz here...

(no broken bones - it's allll good),  but just an overall kind of a Big Time BUMMER of a Weeeeeek!

Thank you GOD for...

I can't even believe I won another BLOG GIVEAWAY! ♥ I can't even tell you what AMAZING timing it was... It instantly picked me right up and put a BIG OLE GIANT GRIN on my face!

Pleeeease check out Learning to Be Blog right HERE!
Check out SWEET BEE right HERE!

These BLOCKS are just so ADORABLE - AND I would LOVE to put our daughters name on the blocks - but since we don't know it yet... It will be FUN to get one with the word "LOVE" on it... for her ROOM! - GOOODNESS KNOWS we ALREADY LOVE HER ♥ BIG TIME!

Loooking forward to ending the week on another AMAZING high 
♪ ♫ NOTE ♪ ♫ with my dear friend tomorrow! ♥


  1. =) The box arrived - we are good to GO! Praying this house tomorrow will be a soft place to fall, to connect with joy, to relax in preparation to re-energize and keep moving forward. Lovin'Ya'Through'It'All!!! =)

  2. Hope that your week gets better!! SO glad the weekend is almost here! :) Love that you won another great giveaway too! Got your bracelet in the mail today!!! YAY!! Will have it in the mail to you ASAP! Thanks again for helping us bring our baby girl home! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥