OCTOBER 20, 2011

2 MONTHS HOME and look how much Mihret's hair has grown! hehehe! :)

We have moved Mihret into her own room and she is doing okay.
She still sleeps in the portable crib
She is still waking up about ONCE a night.
She is taking close to a two hour nap now around noon everyday. :)
Won't let Madison or Makinzi put her to bed

Mihret still pretends to eat a lot - she will pretend to feed us too
She has gone from being in the 20th percentile in weight to the 65th!!! WOW!
 She is just now starting to let Makinzi and Madison feed her - she is still pretty particular about that
She is starting to like fruit more - wouldn't eat it when we first got home
She will eat pretty much everything now - even raw onions :)
I still give her rice cereal mixed with apple sauce for breakfast
Likes to feed herself
Starting to drink Soy milk not formula now 

She is being nicer to Furbee - she doesn't push him away - she puckers up for a big kiss instead! :)
She LOVES to play with cell phones and pretend to talk to people
She likes the older kids a bit more than the little ones
She shares well.
She plays good by herself
She will let you read an entire BOOK to her now! :)
LOVES to stack blocks
Not a fan of TV
Loooooves to open up the cabinets and get her cups and bowls out
Likes to mix and pour stuff
LOVES the water and bathtime

Mihret still says caca when she has to go Potty
We are not pushing this though - she is still wearing a diaper
We do give her a treat for going pooooopy
Does not like Madison and Makinzi to take her potty
Does not like her little potty - likes to go on the BIG potty

Mihret's vocabulary is growing sloooooowly
She still says Momma, Dadda and Caca
Calls Furbee GAGA
Kinz taught her to say, GO - so now she says GO CACA :)
We think we have heard her say BYE and BABY but don't hear them often
She jibber jabbers alllll the time
Starting to SING
GIGGLES about stuff
Laughs to herself and at silly things

Almost all her Mollescum is GONE
Her Giardia is GONE
She is still taking an Iron supplement
She has a nice size belly - she thinks is funny to show us and point to her belly button

Kinzi's Softball Games and practices
Kinzi's Volleyball Matches
To the ZOO with her friends Makeda and Skyler
Out to coffee with friends
Getting better in the car no more crying and less throwing up :)
Wagon Walks
To the mall in the stroller
Dr. Visit at UW
Remlinger Farms

Mihret loved Diane, she sat on her lap or stood beside her and put her hand on her solder. SO CUTE!
It was FUN for her to meet Mihret!
Nice to talk to her about Mihret's development, attachment, etc...


  1. LOVE to see her progress Darcee!!! It never fails to blow my mind what the love of a family can do for one little person. YAY MIHRET!!!

  2. she is such a little DOLL!!!! Awww!!!

  3. She is SO PRECIOUS!!! And it sounds like she is doing amazing!!! So glad that she is HOME!

  4. So fun to hear how she is doing! Next report needs to share how YOU are doing as a mommy of a toddler again! :)

  5. WOW! LOVE seeing her bloom with the love of your and yours! She is SUCH a precious little girl! I see peace and joy in this babe's face! AWESOME!!! *HUGS*


Thank you for your kind words! ♥