...It was August 17th, 2011...

Mihret and I woke up (soooooooooooooo AWESOME to see her sleeping next to me) ♥ ...we went to the breakfast buffet and Mihret just LOVED my scramble eggs - It was SO good to eating something she really liked - since I couldn't get her to eat any rice cereal or baby food.  After breakfast we came back to the room and played for a little bit...  I brought her a little baby dolly that she loved on and would give kisses to!! IT WAS THE SWEEETEST!

At NOON Almaz came to deliver all of our paperwork from the US Embassy!  WOW, it was record speeeeeed, we got it back so FAST!!  We all sat down in the ballroom and Almaz explained it all.

There were 5 families there at the same time.

After Almaz was finished explaining everything - I asked Wass or Danny if they could take me to Betzatha because I have 4 GIANT tubs of donations (THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to all of those who donated!!! WOW) and I needed to stop and pick up some goats too! :) So, Wass drove T and Almaz back to HH and then Danny came back and helped me load up all the donations and we went to one of his favorite goat shopping spots and we grabbed 4 and headed to Betzatha!!!  YAY!!!  1 goat will feed the 46 kids 1 meal.... So they were gonna get at least 4 goood meals from these goats.


 We unloaded the goats and helpers carried in all of the tubs and started to unpack them!!! THEY WERE SOOOO THRILLED! My heart REALLY went out to this orphanage.  It had SO many needs.  They all just had a SUPER SMILE as they put their hands back into the tubs to bring out MORE AND MORE AWESOME donations - they sooooo desperately needed!


While I was there, one of the directors wanted to show me around... we walked around outside, saw the kitchen, playroom, older kids rooms and then we started walking upstairs to the infant/toddler area and Mihret SCREAMED and started to cry... I immediately turned around and went back downstairs and she was fine.  It really is sad to think of her there, how she got there, how hurt and alone she felt... 

 We didn't stay too long, then Danny drove us back to the Riviera.  When I got back I learned everyone had changed their tickets to leave THAT NIGHT!!! I got on the internet and got a hold of Erica and tried like crazzzzzzzzzzzzy to change mine toooo, but all of the flights were booked. Waaaaaaaaaa! I was gonna miss my travel buds... BIG TIME!!! I gave them HUGE hugs good-bye, in hopes that we will always stay in touch!!  Then Mihret and I went and had chicken and rice Kabobs in the restaurant. :)

At 7:00 we went and skyped Daddy, Honey and Kinz!  Mihret waved
to them!! It was SO CUTE!  It is great to watch our baby girl show a little more of her AMAZZING little personality each day...  


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  1. WOW Darcee! Those shelves were bare! So thankful you were able to take all those donations and help them out - what a blessing you were!!

    And that part about Mihret crying when you went upstairs :( Poor baby girl. She's been through so much in her little life.


Thank you for your kind words! ♥