August 19th!!! 

Mihret and I were enjoying every single second together but still WISHING we were at HOME!! T called and she said she had a CD of pics and video for some families whose kiddos are at HH.  It was nice to see her again and chat for a little bit.  While we were in the lobby - I paid our bill and Mihret noticed her buddy from Breakfast and kept wanting him to hold her and she'd want to walk over to him.... sooooooo we made another quick exit... We walked up to the 3rd floor and I skyped Madison and Kinz and their friends!!! It was FUN!!! I really wish the internet would have worked in our room... It was GREAT to see their faces and for Mihret to wave and jibber jabber a little to her sisters... who we would soooooooooooooooooooon be seing FOR REAL!!!!!:)

YES!!! The day we leave to go HOME... FOREVER!!! I could hardly wait... I think we were COMPLETELY packed by noon! I kept looking at the clock... I was SOOOOO EXCITED to be HOME with our little girl... to be a family of FIVE!!!  ... asked the hotel to give us a ride to the airport at like 4:30!!! Yep, 3 hours early! hehehe! :) WE WERE READY!!!!

We only had ONE suitcase and One backpack and ONE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!  ...I was standing in a line behind a nice family who were bringing home their little boy! They got a picture of me and my sweeeeetie in line!! :)

bye bye Ethiopia!! We'll be BACK!

....I can't say how long I had anticipated this day... bringing Mihret HOME! I just couldn't wait to HOP on the plane and start heading in the right direction... FIRST STOP Dubai... UNFORTUNATELY, as soon as I got there the ONLY flight delayed was OURS!! :( Running ONE hour behind. EEEEEEEKS! With less than a 2 hour layover I was staring to freak!  As we waited another 45 minutes or so for the plane to come they served us cake and soda (Mihret loved it and made a BIG GIANT HUGE MESS)! :)  ...After SOOOO many years of NOT paying any attention to 'Passengers with small children can board.' 21 When they finally announced this type of seating - there was nooooo stopping me and Mihret!!:) YAHOOOOOOOOOOO! We are FINALLY going to LEAVE!

...I was just praying everyone would take their seats as soon as possible so we could get this plane in the air!!! :)  Ooooh Mihret did AMAZING!!! She ate so good, slept great, played with other little kids on the plane, CUDDLED and SNUGGLED with me!!! :) She was REALLY good!

When we got to Dubai - we were there with about 7 minutes to spare - I was BEGGGGING the airline peeps to call ahead for us and hold our plane. (ya right - wasn't gonna happen) - I grabbed our backpack and ran like a crazy lady just to pick up NEW tickets for the next flight in SIX HOURS!!! OOOOH I COULD CRY!!!! I desperately wanted to get a hold of Erik - so I went and bought a phone card and tried to use the pay phone thingy's - it was really confusing... I think I had to ask 6 people to help me!!! :)  I finally got a hold of Erik and started to BAWL!! ...after I got that out of my system, Mihret and I walked around the beautiful airport.  Emirites had strollers so I grabbed one and we went and had some ice cream and walked around and then had some pizza and walked around - then we found a free lounger type chair and we went and took about a 2 and a half hour nap!!!

 Starbucks in the Dubai airport!!

....BACK IN THE AIR!! Mihret did AWESOME... AGAIN!! I thought her ears would hurt, or she wouldn't be able to eat or she would be crying and figity... she did better than I did... FOR SURE!!!  Once our plane landed in LA - I was FRANTIC yet again to try and make sure we could make the flight HOME!!!  We were herded down to customs in a GIANT HUGE HUMONGOUS line (oooooooooooooh nooooooooo) then I waited in another line in Immigration with Mihret's SEALED MANILA envelope from the U.S. Embassy... we loooked for our luggage, rechecked it, ran a MILE to get in another line for ticketing (I must have cut in line every time... TOTALLY apologizing - the ticketing lady was SOOOOOOOO sweeeeet! I was sweating, tired, dirty, and stressed and she was SO KIND - she asked about Mihret and told me THANK YOU for adopting her!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I turned into a big CRY BABY messss!! I wanted to reach over and just give that woman a GIANT hug!!!!) , got in another line to go through security... RAAAAAAAAAAN TO THE GATE with minutes to spare... BOARDED THE PLANE TO GO HOME!!!!

We were on the last stretch!! 

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