...was I freaked to leave lil Mihret!? Yaaaaa know, I had spent over 5 amazing days HOGGING her and LOVING on her and monopolizing all of her attention all to MYSELF... I was actually really looking forward to her spending time bonding and attaching with her Daddy again and her sisters (but YAAAAAA I was TOTALLY gonna MISS HER)! :) ♥

Niki planned this AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING shower - My sister was still in town so she was able to make it and brought THE MOST AWESOME cake - Not to mention it was DELICIOUS - and she brought back the HIGH CHAIR that Madison, Makinzi, her sweeeeet kids, Peyton and Tanner all USED - she painted it and put all of their names and birthdays on the back of it for Mihret!! SO COOOOOL!! Elle J added sooooo much sunshine with beautiful flowers and balloons and a THE NEATEST Shower game - that had me in TEARS at the very first sentence!! ha! :)  PLUS... brought the VIDEO (that I put on the last post - Mihret's HOMECOMING) her husband made the night before (He created it in ONE night!!!) and played it for all of us to see!!!! IT WAS THE BEST!!! ♥ XOXOX

It was SO GREAT to see everyone! ...and to tell them how the last few days have been in Ethiopia with Mihret! I had SUCH A GREAT time and my goooooooodness I was just blown away with all the ADORABLE outfits for Mihret and all those things I haven't purchased in like 12 years.... bottles, blankets, diapers, portable crib.... EVERYONE blessed us SO MUCH! REALLY GENEROUS and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thoughtful!!! ...I couldn't wait to show Erik and the girls ALL of the CUTENESS Mihret got and what a FABULOUS time I had with all the GIRLS!!!


  1. Such a fun shower and so thankful that you were the SuperMom that you were and didn't postpone. We were all riding on Cloud 9 for you and the HOT sun was out that day to celebrate too. Wonderful memories ~ LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. It was a very fun happy to be a part of it!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥