My dear friend Tiffany threw me a TOTALLY FUN shower at the Edgewater Inn restaurant - right on the water - it was beautiful... she decorated the table with adorable cupcakes with lil brown babies on them! ha ha! I LOVED IT! and we played little games and HOLY SMOKES... all of them - Crystal, Sonja, De, Tiff, Diana, Carol and Jan were SO SO thoughtful and soooooo incredibly generous... I couldn't wait to get back home and try on all Mihret's adorable outfits, play games with her and read books to her... THANKS LADIES!!! I had such a BLAST! A few of my buds couldn't make it - but BLESSED the SOCKS of Miss Mihret with a little BARBIE car and AMAZZING little outfits and books!! WOW!!!!

(Mihret pictured here in her new lil JUICY outfit from her Grandma and Grandpa riding her BARBIE car from the May's and the Bate's) :)
(Ooooooh LOOK I'm wearing the SAME outfit that I did at Niki's SHOWER!! ha ha ha!) :)

...The BLESSSSSSSSSINGS just kept on COMING!!!! My ACER Momma's all got together and surprised me in between Kinzi's SOFTBALL Games - They had a picnic table ALL set up with BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS Cupcakes, Strawberries and Cream, drinks, sandwhiches!! WOW!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Surprised!!! It was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Mihret got SOOOOOOOOOOOO many DARLING outfits... and MORE!!! I LOVE these Softball Mom's... I honestly cherish their friendship... and are REALLY a lot like FAMILY - since we see each other SO much, cheer on each other's kiddos together, travel together - LOVE THEM!!!  

Here is a pick of some of my AWESOME ACERRRRRRR BUDS

Mihret LOOOOOOOOOOVED the CUPCAKES!!!! Mmmmmmm mmmm!!! 


...Then last weekend we went to EASTERN WASHINGTON (Mihre'ts first trip to our HOME TOWN) to go to another SHOWER that Erik's SISTER - Angela had arranged with ALL our family that live there!! Erik's Mom made YUMMY Spaghetti, garlic Bread, Cider - we had cake and ice cream - YUM! It was soooooooooooooo nice to see all our family and share this time together and Mihret got SOOOO many adorable things - from a little rocking horse, a winter coat to darling outfits and a sweet knitted hat!! SOOO FUN!! SO THOUGHTFUL! Thanks Ang!!! XOX ♥  We had such a GREAT time sharing Mihret and spending time with everyone! :)

(I think little Mihret was all PARTIED out at this point and  ready for a nap... ) :)

....it seemed like every time I saw FAMILY and FRIENDS - everyone had a little something for Mihret ♥ things came in the mail - things were left on our doorstep!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It was SO FUN! I am so GRATEFUL for the AWESOME people GOD has placed in our lives!!!!  We REALLY ARE BLESSED - way more than we deserve!

This AWESOME book was dropped off on my door step by my dear FRIEND Shannon!!! I read it to Mihret EVERY night - SHE LOVES IT - so DO I!!!

and my friend JANET S. and her AWESOME fam - gave Mihret this book - ANOTHER one of my FAVE'S!!!

...Not to mention Mihret's lil closet is FULL of FUN! I'm telling ya... this MOMMA is having such a blast finding outfits for her to wear everyday and bows to put in her hair, books to read to her, sippy cups, diapers, blankets, cute bowls to eat out of, bibs, shoes, toys... :)

My sister-in-law, Mikayla - had plans to throw me a BIG OLE shower and we kept needing to reschedule or move it to a different location... She made the most BEAUTIFUL invitations and put a lot of thought into it! We decided to turn it into a FAMILY FUN dinner - just down the street at Red Robin...

...It was just perfect... Beautiful FLOWERS - in a HOME MADE GIANT Jar, Personalized Cupcakes for Miss Mihret, a UW JERSEY!! COOL! UGGS!! A couple adorable outfits... A Rahel Ethiopian Dolly! LOVE HER!!! So does Mihret!! SUPER DUPER CUTE!!! Love the story behind her and the support that goes back to World Vision!! AWESOME! Thanks MIKAYLA for planning such a FUN time on YOUR birthday!!! :)

To top off an AWESOME night... - Mihret's Uncle Zach WON her a little Green and Blue Monkey Dude from the 'BIG GRABBER THINGY' game!! ha ha ha!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! He tried it a couple times - had a goooood grasp on it, it slipped away... then we all decided to leave and just give up... Zach ran back in to try it ONE more time and GOT THAT CRAZY LIL THING!!! ha ha ha!!! ...Then he CHASED our car down and gave it to MIHRET!!! ♥ SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!


  1. Oh what FUN Darcee!!! Such great surprises!!! Mihret has came from an orphanage to a life celebrated by many!! = )

  2. SO FUN!!! It sounds like ya'll have such precious friends! So glad ya'll are getting to celebrate sweet Mihret!

  3. Yea!! Mihret is stylin' and most importantly so LOVED, and YOU are so loved by so many. You give love, friendship, laughter, and that gorgeous pick-me-up smile ALL THE TIME - you are contagious. Your 3 M's are so blessed to have you and Erik as parents.


Thank you for your kind words! ♥