♥ Celebrating Little M's FIRST Birthday!! ♥ (July 12th Cont'd)

መልከም ልደት (melekame lidete)

Heading to HH I was SOOOO Excited! I just couldn't wait to wish M a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ONE YEAR! ...and we are HERE to celebrate with her!! OH, I was thrilled... that we will not have missed ONE of her birthdays! PRAISE GOD!

...We had packed all kinds of things in Erik's backpack to make a BIG OLE birthday party for her. (Minus the cupcakes - I had planned on baking for her at the hotel or at HH - but with ALL of the AMAZING amount of donations we were able to bring - I just didn't have the room - No biggie... we will make her LOTS of cupcakes when she is HOME!!! :)) ...We DID have beads, horns, stickers, candy, gerber treats, silly bands, and my dear friend Linda got the CUTEST little "1" crown and a shirt that said, 'I'm the BIRTHDAY girl!' TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!

When we got to HH they were just getting M out of her bath and dressing her! PERFECT! I handed her Special Momma's her new shirt and crown and told them TODAY is her BIRTHDAY!!!! It INSTANTLY became a party!!!  I don't think little M knew what to think about everything! ha ha! With all the noise makers and those FUN ones you blow and the paper uncurls (I forget what those are called)! But, the Special Mothers LOVED blowing them right at M! :)

M would fill the bags with beads (she likes to put stuff in things)! I think she is ONE smart little cookie!! :)


 We all put stickers all over our faces and all the babies faces, we put beads on and Wass came upstairs and brought us a CD that played, "Happy Birthday!" I think we listened to it 20 times!!! SINGING to M!! AAAAH! It was AWESOME!!!  ...I don't think you could even see the floor with all the stickers, bags, beads, horns etc... all over! ...Special Momma's would bring in more babies so M had a LOT of her buddies at her PARTY!!!

M would walk from Me, to Special Momma, to Erik to Special Momma! :) She is SUCH a good little WALKER! :) WOW!

It was a GRRRRRRRRREAT Time! Singing, laughing and playing! 

Wass came back in and told us it was time to go... We gave our BIRTHDAY girl a quick hug! Wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and told her we'd see her tomorrow.

I left all the candy for the Special Mother's to share and I gave the silly bands to Molly to give to her son to share with the older kiddos... (didn't want any choking hazards in our little ones room) :)

SO SO SO glad we were here for her TODAY! HER VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY!

♥ Happy Birthday M - We LOVE you SO much!! ♥ 


  1. YAY!!!! What a special day for your sweet girl - God is awesome to have orchestrated your travel dates and court date to be with M on her birthday!!! Love this!

  2. Happy Birthday M!!!! I LOVE that you got to throw her a party and CELEBRATE. What a wonderful blessing!!!

  3. Wow - SO amazing that God orchestrated for you to travel over M's birthday!! Sounds like quite the P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!

  4. WOOOOOOWWWEEEEEE!!!! What an AMAZING first birthday party - one you will surely never forget! Love that you brought all the party supplies with you....I can just see Hirut and Mekdes partying it up with y'all =) HEhee =)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥