Our room and OUR Little Ml!! :) (July 10)

What does our schedule look like today from AGCI/HH? 
....This is it! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10:00 a.m. We will picket up from the hotel by Wass bring you to HH to meet your kids.
1:00 p.m. Be brought back to your hotel by Wass for the DAY.

...It felt good to be able to sleep in a little bit this morning... We got a GOOOOD night sleep! We are lodging in the infamous room...

 It's REALLY spacious! We had a fan, Hot water maker, and the outlet strip that had all the adopters on it... GOOD STUFF! :)

The internet definitely works good in this room. We also took advantage of the laundry service while we were here. SO glad we did! :)  Every night before we went to bed we turned the TV on and there was this one channel that ALWAYS played American Movies - So... we have been falling asleep watching them...


 The bathroom had GREAT water pressure and the showers were always HOT! NICE! I didn't see any bugs (Phew! :)). But... It was a tad on this stinky side... :)

....went downstairs and grabbed a bite from the breakfast buffet and enjoyed about 3 or 4 cups of coffee! Mmmmm mmmmm! :)
Then Wass came and picked us up and took us to Hannah's Hope!

...As soon as we got there I took off my shoes and skipped inside to find our little girl!!! ...Once I spotted her... we sat down near the BIG GREEN COUCH and just played with her and the other little kiddos for a little bit... I think we must have arrived pretty close to nap time.  We decided to go outside and distract her a little bit - cuz she was getting a little fussy - Erik and I started to kick the soccer ball back and forth... the next thing I knew... 
our little girl was FAST ASLEEP in MY ARMS!!!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! It was AWESOME!!!

While she was sleeping... I took her little shoes off to see her cute little tootsies, I held her hand, I put a bow in her hair :) and I stared at every little feature on her face the entire time she was asleep! ♥ I feel SO blessed by her little life! I cannot wait to get her HOME and be able to do THIS everyday!  She slept for quite a while... maybe an hour or so... I think we lost track of time... 

She did wake up... a little surprised that she was in my arms...  :) SO we patted her little bottom (we have seen the special Mothers do this and she settles down really good for them) then we distracted her by showing her the kitty that was outside... 

Next thing I knew her Special Momma came and got her to feed her.  Which is totally fine. She does not feel super comfy with me feeding her, changing her, or bathing her yet... I will have LOTS and LOTS of time in the NEAR future to be able to provide this kind of care for her... I just wanted to hang back a tad and not scare her or upset her... 

She drinks her formula from the cap of an advent bottle! :) ...and She just LOVES ♥ LOVES her special Momma's! SOOOO glad she is getting such AMAZING care at HH! ♥  It will be a FANTASTIC day when I don't have to hide her sweet little face with pink hearts - Because then she will be 'LEGALLY' our DAUGHTER - PRAYING for that part of the adoption process to SPEEEEEEEEEEEEED through. :)

...We gave our BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL a kiss good bye and headed back to the Riviera... It was another GOOD day with our little M! 



  1. LOVE the pictures of you and Erik with your girl. Melts my heart. Can't wait too to see her sweet face with out a pink heart. =)

  2. Oh, I am just loving reading all about your precious M!!! She is beautiful, and I can't wait until you have her in your arms again!!!

  3. I am just soaking up every word and picture here! Can't wait for another airport party with sweet baby M!!!

  4. LOOOOVE That she fell asleep in your arms - she loves her mama!!! =) And the rest....will fall into place eventually. She is so sweet....I can't wait to see her again! But I'll hold back the kisses until her mama (that's YOU =) says its okay =)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥