Our Adventures in ET (Continue... July 10)

Tony, Carrie and Erik and I decided to head out after we got back to the Riviera! SOOOOOO Glad we did!! :)  We hopped into Sissy's (Yep that's his name :)) little taxi - and headed to lunch at the Lime Tree... Jamm'n out to a little Lionel Richey on the way! (Carrie - you're a FABO singer :)) hehehe! It was TOO much FUN from the second we got in the car! :)

Here we are at the Lime Tree (I was having a TOTALLY bad hair day) :)
...This must be a PRIME spot for a lot of Americans or other Foreigners because it was the MOST amount of white people we had seen since we had been in Ethiopia. Tony and I went for the Curry and Carrie and Erik had Pizza! It was DELISH!
There was a little bookstore there and Carrie and I picked up a couple Children's Music CD's for our girls and a little book for them of words from Amharic to English! It was a GREAT stop... and the company TOTALLY ROCKED!!! :)

On the way to the National Museum we passed these HUGE bull just walking on the sidewalk - took a picture - cuz it was definitely something ya don't see everyday. :)

We went through the museum pretty quickly... Tony impressed us with his BIG words, like... Australopithecus afarensis!! (I thought for a sec he was speaking latin or something! hehehe) :) As soon as we walked down the stairs - I saw a little water puddle and couldn't resist, the kid in me came out and I made a little splash! hehehe! A couple sweet Ethiopian girls saw me and started laughing! :) ...Next thing we knew, they were following us around and giving us little bits of info about the Museum and offered to be our guide to the Lion Zoo!! :) HOW SWEEET!

We had them take this picture of all of us with Erik's HUGE camera! :)

...We followed the girls to the lion zoo... and once we got there I SERIOUSLY think it took us 30 minutes to process Erik's purchase of our two new friends tickets, a ticket for us and a ticket to take pics at the zoo... I'm pretty sure we paid double or more! ha! But... we were ready to get in there before it shut...

We were able to see this pretty lion and an Ethiopian goose... then *POOF* all the animals were being taken inside and we didn't see anything anymore! (funny when we got the tickets they didn't tell us they would be closing in 3 minutes! ha!) ...It was the quickest ZOO experience I think all of us had!

We said bye to our new friends, Marci and Sarah... Erik took a picture of Me and Carrie with them so we would remember them forever. We have seen some AMAZING things in Ethiopia - but what has made our trip truly fantastic was all of the people we were meeting along the way...

Next stop... COFFEEEEEE! :)

The guys got the traditional coffee, Carrie and I got Orange Fanta... It was so cool to watch them prepare the coffee and present it... they serve it with popcorn. (probably so you can have a little somethin' in your tummy cuz the coffee is pretty STRONG) :)

While we were at the Yod Abyssinia there was going to be a big dignitary or delegate or someone who requires VERY high security coming because it looked like the place was on lock down. When we left we saw just a TON of security guys and a lot men in suites. :) ...Then I learned that Erik had a little knife in his pocket (from his famous first aid-kit) and we had gone through security (I'm talking a pat down) at the National Museum and then again to get into Yod Abyssinia!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! I couldn't believe him... We could have ended up in an Ethiopian jail... soon to be on the Discover Channel's 'Locked up Abroad'! :) CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY! :) ha ha ha!

Sissy scooooooped by and picked us up and not a minute too soon because after we left they were not letting anyone else in!!! WOW!  ...On the drive back to the Riviera we saw lots of security guys up on top of buildings and everything! SERIOUS STUFF!!!....

On the way home the guys decided to do a little fruit shopping at a local street vendor! :)

They purchased bananas and pineapples! TOTALLY awesome to buy YUMMY fruit from these amazing people! :)

It was a GREAT day! We had such a FUN time on our adventures with Tony and Carrie!!! SO COOOOOOL to be able to share our journey to our daughters together and to appreciate and enjoy their country and culture!!!


  1. Oh Darcee - I seriously SMILE at how you stay true to yourself no matter where you are. I LOVE that!! Jumpin' in puddles - I can just picture it. You are awesome.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pics from your trip. Looks like you had such a wonderful time. The day you met M looked so precious. She is such a doll!!!

  3. Darcee, I love reading about your trip! Need to blog about ours, too! We loved the Limetree and were cracking up, too, about seeing more white people there than we had in the rest of the city! So funny! :)

  4. You and the fruit - ahh!!! I'm freakin' out for your tummy, hahaha! =)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥