Tuesday Tidbits

Some SILLY Teeeeenieboppers! We ♥ LOVE ♥ the PHOTO Booths! :)

Thanks to LAUREN at LIVING BY FAITH - found a FUN, CHRISTIAN Site for the Chicka's to check out.. REALLY cool stuff to help teenagers face stuff in life HEAD on and CHRIST - CENTERED! - Thanks Lauren ♥

 SO cooool you can read magazines online now... right HERE!

Last weekend we watched our FIRST Orange and GREEN Game! :)  Kinzi did SOOOO Good as CATCHER!  The UMP even turned around and asked who her parents were so he could compliment her! WOWIE!!!! HOW COOOL is that!!!??? We were 2 PRETTY Darn happy parents! :) It was a FUN day - we are looking forward to a good season.

Got the first flat I've had in a loooooong time yesterday - I AM SO GLAD Erik was in the car to help me!!! It was dark, we were on a BUSY freeway and it was SCARY - What is the RULE with being on the side of the road - is it SAFER in the car or do you try to get away from the car... while you wait for help - or finish fixing the tire??


  1. Your girls are sure beautiful!!! Sorry 'bout the flat.

  2. Glad you are safe and got that tire fixed!!! YAY for messages from umps that recognize the character and talent of a young gal and speaks up. Sounds like a great weekend for a great family!!!

  3. Such precious girls!! And so glad you weren't alone when you got your flat tire!! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥