For about ELEVEN years I have driven my GIRLIES to school!  Whether it was 5 miles away to eventually 25+ miles away... There is ALWAYS so much time in the car before school and after school! I LOVE IT! I totally look forward to that time together.

Our commute takes about 20 minutes to drop off Madison and about 45 minutes to drop of Kinzi! Phew! I know...Lots of CAR TIME!  But..... I look at it as such a FUN opportunity to 'Hold the GIRLS Captive' :) for lots of GREAT conversations!! ♥

As the girls have gotten older the conversations are changing... With Madison it went a little like this today:

Me: "Who are you texting?"
M: "Ooooooooh Ida!" :)
Me: "Madison, that dress is a liiiiiiiiiiittle short."
M: "Oooooooooh... it's FINE Mommy."
Me: "Omiggoooooooodness look at this welcome to school!"
M: "It's the SPIRIT Committee"
Me: "That is soooooooooo cool! You should be a member of the Spirit Committee."
M: "Oh, No Thank you."
Me: HONK HONK HONK Hoooooooonk
M: "Mommy, you are soooooo embarrassing! "
Me: "ha ha ha! :)"
Me: "Have a GREAT day, I LOVE YOU!"

After we drop Madison off... Kinz climbs to the front seat to sit with me and since we have a little time to kill we head off to STARBUCKS.  The line was sooooooooooooooooo long today! I think I was looking at my phone for a sec and hadn't moved 2 feet forward... and the lady behind me started HONKING! ha ha!

Kinz and I's conversation...
Me: "Omigoooodness, that lady obviously NEEDS her morning coffee!"
K: "Yaaaa REALLY!" :)
Kinz and I get our Starbucks coffeeeeee...
K: "Mommy, How do you spell Macchiato?"
Me: "Hmmm. MACCHIATO - M-A-C-H...."
K: "NOPE."
Me: "Um. MACCHIATO - M-A-K..."
K: "Noooooooooo."

Wellllll I finally spelled it RIGHT!  Buttttt.... after saying, "MACCHIATO, over and over both of us felt like we were speaking a little Japanese! :)  So, I taught her the song...

We were singing it more like this, ♫ ♪ "Domo Arigato Mr. MACCHIATO!" ♪♫

ha ha ha ha!!! :) ...already looking forward to picking them up... hearing about their day, and ENJOYING a 3-day weekend with them!!!



  1. Your car rides sound really fun! =)

  2. ha ha ha! :) Oooooh Elle! It was one of those funny mornings today for sure! :) Have a SUPER Loooooooooooong weekend! :) *Thanks for your sweet comments!* :)

  3. Okay, ya'll are just so CUTE and FUN! Would so love to meet ya'll "in real life"! :)

  4. You must seriously be the coolest, most fun mom. Next to mine of course.
    Can you pick me up on your way to school?

  5. You are so fun! Look forward to hanging out again =)

  6. from the title i thought you were going to be talking about conversations about a new car, but this was more fun.
    now you guys can watch tron together. it was soo cool... ... in 1982.
    love you guys


Thank you for your kind words! ♥