Her name is Quinty.
She is Mihret's 'Best Friend'.
She lives in our neighborhood.

When Mihret opens up the front door Quinty runs over to grab her to play... with chalk, water balloons, riding scooters, swinging on our swing, eating popsicles, finding bugs, dancing, skipping.... laughing.  

I stay back a little... and watch. ....and my heart is happy to see another little person showing so much kindness to my Mihret. 

It's one of those things this Momma will always watch out for. Girls can be so mean, really mean. I honestly think in my 18 years of parenting, besides the 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' books - I had to purchase my share of literature on Mean Girls... And how to help my girls avoid them, deal with them, and never become like them.

Mihret fits our family like a glove. Her personality, her laugh, her facial expressions... Glory to God. She is a Silly Sanders for sure. :) But....

I wonder what struggles she will face as she gets older...
living in a community that is not very diverse....
I wonder if she will be picked on because of the color of her skin
I wonder if people will make fun of her name
I wonder if people will ask her questions about her first momma
I wonder if she'll be uncomfortable
I wonder if she will question her identity

I think right now feels sorta easy, as far as her lil friendships go. I think there will be challenges ahead and I know that I am so ready to show her absolutely all the LOVE and support that I possibly can. I know I will need His guidance to help me say the right things, do the right things....
(I may even need to buy a book or two.)  :)

I do know that being a part of this AMAZING adoption community has been SO helpful - from awesome blogging buddies, to our AGCI friends, Facebook groups, our social worker, and the God of the Universe in our corner for encouragement, guidance and support; I feel like we are in GREAT hands.


  1. Mihret has an AMAZING Momma that has her back and will guide and direct her to be a strong, confident, God-loving Leader - she will thrive because of you and your examples. Hugs and Smooches - you got this, Darc!!!

    1. THANK YOU!!!! You are the SWEEEETEST!!! I miss yoooooooooooooooou! XOX


Thank you for your kind words! ♥