CHRISTmas Break


The girls are outa school and I look so forward to all the days I get to hang with them before they have to go back... We ALL had such an amazing CHRISTmas this year with Mihret HOME! ...We went to Snowflake lane in Bellevue - a little crowded and overwhelming for Miss Mihret - but she DID looooove it when it started to snow (the fake kind - but still REALLY cooool) :)  We went to MOD (made on demand) pizza first! MMMM mmmmm MY FAVE! We met Erik's brother and his wife Jen and their sweet boy Grant there - and shared the FUN with them...
Last year we started a tradition to grab some YUMMY Ethiopian food at Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant in Seattle and then go to the Black Nativity at the Moore Theater.  This year we got to do it with MIHRET (her first ET dinner in the US)! YAY! Erik's brother, Kevin and his wife were in town and so they joined us! The staff asked if Mihret was Ethiopian and gave her special love and attention! It was SWEET! :)  We ordered Sega Sambusa and Kategna for appetizers! DELISH!!!!! ...For Dinner we ordered Abesha Lamp Tibs, Doro Chicken Tibs, Zil Zil Beef Tibs and we asked for COOKED Kitfo (yaaaa, okay we like the MEAT! :) hehehe! We also ordered some lentils and Shiro Wat.  Mihret was not too sure about any of it.  She did like the Injera - a little - but she wasn't a fan of the rest of it.  It's weird... at the Riviera she ate Shiro Wat like it was going outa style! She just LOVED it!  Kevin and his wife liked the experience - not too sure if they were crazy about the food.  I LOOOOOVED it! However, it took us about 6 bites into the Kitfo to realize it wasn't cooked!! AAAAAGH! How we didn't clue in to the texture - I have NO idea. :)  It was DARK (I mean REALLY Dark! :)) and the flavors were REALLY YUMMMY... Okay, but I definitely like it better cooked! :) ha ha! ...and after I realized it was raw - I had a hard time dipping back into it again. :)


We didn't have tickets for the Black Nativity but after dinner we drove straight over and were able to find 7 seats together! It was AWESOME!!!!! Mihret was awake until after intermission! She had her hands in the air and was waving and was LOVING it!!! It was so COOOOOL to see her enjoy it!!! I mean REALLY enjoy it!!!  It is a high energy, passion filled event TOTALLY and COMPLETELY celebrating Christ's birth - It was BEAUTIFUL!!! ...LOVE making new traditions - LOVE doing them with little Mihret...

This year for Christmas - we decided to go to Leavenworth. (Mihret sees SNOW for the first time) :) We left Christmas Eve and had an AMAZZZZZING dinner at Andrea's Keller! MMMM mmmmm! Weinersnitzel! Pretzels! Spatzel! Apple Struedel! - TOTALLY different from the ET dinner we had enjoyed just days before. :) We stayed at the Enzian Inn! We LOOOOOOOOVE it cuz they have a DELICIOUS breakfast in the morning, an ole guy comes out a blows this big giant horn (ugh - forgot the name of the thing) outside on the balcony :), they have an inside and an outside pool (Mihret went swimming for the first time), they have racket ball, ping pong.... and we took advantage of all of it! :)  It was AWESOME! Christmas morning we went upstairs for the YUMMY breakfast and met another adopted family... I never really know what the 'right' words are that you could say when you see another family with a sweeet Ethiopian baby.... but, while we were having breakfast the Mom came over and asked, 'Is she Ethiopian born also?' - hmmmmmm... I thought that was a good way to ask? :)  They were a nice family with the cutest little boy! :)


After FULLY enjoy Leavenworth, we drove home and enjoyed each others company and just chilled and played with our new things, watched some movies and started to pack for our trip to Cannon Beach! :)  AAAAW I LOVE THE BEACH! I have been enjoying Cannon Beach since I was a little one... so, I was SO excited to share it with Mihret and Madison and her friend and Kinz and her 2 buds!!!! :)  We rented a fun house on the beach with a hot tub (turned out to be the best - with all the dips the girls took in the ocean) brrrr! :)

We went for a 3 mile hike down to a beach called Crescent beach  - we were the only ones there - IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! :) The weather was cold and rainy - but it didn't stop us or prevent us from having a TON of FUN! We walked the little town, ate a lot of salt water taffy, yummy pizza and had a fondue night and a game night - we must have played Taboo for 3 hours! :) We made some AWESOME memories!

Okay... So it's December - I mean it's like WINTER - It is COLD outside - and these crazy girls would run from the house to the beach to the HOT TUB for hours!!! ha ha ha! :) Then I went out there with them (dressed for winter) and got a few crazy shots of their COLD lil red legs and jumping in front of the ocean and Haystack Rock!!! CRAZZZZZZZZY Fun Girls! :)

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