18 MONTHS old TODAY!!!

Miss Mihret is a YEAR and a HALF today!!!

She woke up feeling really HOT! EEEKS! I haven't had little toddlers in the house for so long - we didn't even have a thermometer!! AAAH!  So after Mihret and I snuggled for about an hour or so... I decided I better skip on over to Bartell's and get a thermometer and some acetaminophen for kiddos and some pedialyte!! 

I came home and checked her temp - it was 100.9... gave her some kiddo Tylenol, and a sippy cup full of pedialyte and she went back to sleep again... I called my buddy Megs and she gave me some good ole guidance on how to monitor her termperature.... and just to be able to talk to another Momma of a little one - made me feel better! THANKS MEGS!!!! XOX

HAPPPY Half Birthday Mihret!!! :) 

WE LOOOOVE YOU little one! MUAH!


  1. Happy 18 month Mihret! Feel better little one. The pics are gorgeous :-)

  2. She is just the most precious little girl!!! Happy 18 months, sweet Mihret!!!

  3. She is such a cutie!!



Thank you for your kind words! ♥