We are number 44 on the Girls list.  Our parameters for a little girl are 0-24 months.  I was thinking this number would have been a tad less... STILL totally excited to see that this number changed by 6! Which means... SIX amazing families received a referral for their CHILD!! WOW! Now... That's EXCITING!! ♥ And that is what makes each new number we receive something to really celebrate... besides the fact that we are that much closer to being united with our child(ren)!! :)

We are at number 29 on the Siblings list.  Our parameters for siblings are two girls under 4 years old.  Yeah! This list changed by ONE. :)

We are praying for MANY, MANY more referrals to happen this month!


  1. Yay for new, lower numbers!! Can't wait to join ya'll on that GIRL list!! :)

  2. #44...that's great!! We are hoping to be on the waitlist by next month!! :)

  3. Thanks Alison and Kelly!!! Can't wait to see you gals on the WAITLIST!!!! I will be following ya and praying for you!! Excited to see your updates!!! :)

    Big Blessings!!!

  4. I love seeing the movement on down the list! Can't wait to be there too... maybe next month!

  5. Janet! You are SO close to getting on that LIST!! :) YEAH! I'm SUPER excited to celebrate with ya on that day! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥