I woke up this morning to a video in my in-box from my AMAZING friend, JUNE... and it was one of those moments where as soon as the music started, I had tears running down my face!!! It was SO thoughtful of her to put together a pile of memories of her sweet Kara and my crazy Kinz at NATIONALS! I can honestly say... that this friendship goes beyond any hitting lesson, a tag at home, a double, a steal, a home run... The most VALUABLE thing our family received the last 2 years in Softball has been June and Kara's friendship!! I think as soon as the music started and I began to see the pictures - it was a hard realization that next year the girls will be playing on different teams! It's a good thing for both the girls as far as Softball goes, and location to both of our homes, etc... but... Me and Kinz will definitely miss seeing two of our MOST favorite people on a VERY regular basis at: practices, tournaments, Starbucks before games, dinners after games, sitting together at practices, discussing plays, sharing snacks, cheering the team on together...and that's ME AND JUNE - Kinz is gonna miss her little Soul Sister - going in for a HIGH five to affirm each other, making up animal noises, dances, songs, cheers, making jokes, faces, LAUGHING OUT LOUD a LOT... This MOMMA is gonna make a HUGE effort to make sure we all get together even though the girls are playing on different teams, going to different schools, live in different areas... because like June said - the girls have one of those FRIENDSHIPS where you want to see them in each others weddings! :)  It's one of those friendships I would have LOVED to have had as a KID! ♥


(To really enjoy this video, just put the ipod (on the right side bar) on pause ☺)

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  1. So precious...and such beautiful girls!!

  2. ♥ Thank you Alison :) ...you've got a few pretty darn cute blondies youself! ♥


Thank you for your kind words! ♥