WOWIE!  The girls are going everywhere this SUMMER - Lake Chelan, CANADA, Indiana (I've never even been to Lake Chelan or Indiana)!!! ha ha! FUN STUFF!! Madison's trip to Lake Chelan was with TWO awesome Chicka's she met from Group Life at OCC! LOVE IT! GREAT Girls!  ...Now I'm looking forward to her return from HOUSEBOATS to spend a little quality time with her!! 


  1. I wanna go too!!!! What a great time! There is really something to be said for good, solid friendships.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that photo collage. I went and checked out picnik after your suggestion, thanks! Looking forwarad to seeing you again REAL soon! =)

  3. Janet - Wow, yaaaaa, isn't that the truth! God Bless the good, solid friendships! ...Wish I had more of them at her age!

    Megan! Thanks! SO FUN to make and SO easy with Picnik! :) Looking forward to seeing both of you gals on the 31st! YEAH! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥