Heeeey BFF's, FYI -  BTW I finally reached the USCIS who directed me 2 the NBC 2 find out what has happened 2 R I-600A! YAY! They mailed the I-797 2 the wrong address! :( So... on Mon. an NBC officer will call & reschedule R fingerprinting appts... since they were 4 Jul. 9th!!! Eeeeks! ...1 lil step closer 2 getting an FDL... which eventually is leading up 2 an IR-3 4 R Sweetie 2 come home from ET! :)

PHEW! The Acronyms R ridiculous! :) LOL! It's no wonder they got R address messed up & sent it somewhere else - w/all these #'s & abbreviations 4 things, mayB it's tricky 2 keep some of it str8! :)

...just glad 2 no that we have pinpointed what has happened & the NBC Officer will try on Monday 2 get us a 'Walk-in' appt - which wld B GR8! :)

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