...Cruising FORWARD with new JULY NUMBERS!! 
Received a call from Toni today! :) ...Excited to get July Numbers sooooo early and TOTALLY excited to see some MOVEMENT this Month!! :)

Speeding up to 50 on the GIRLS LIST!!


30 on the SIBLINGS (the Sisters) LIST!!!

Every little bit of movement fills me up with ENCOURAGEMENT and EXCITEMENT that we will see our SWEETIES SOOOOOON! :)  Praying for more and more REFERRALS... so all of us on the list can move FULL SPEEEEEED ahead! :)

On a side note: Still haven't heard back from the USCIS!! Hmmmmmm... Hope to get something in the mail by next week in regards to a reference number, our Fingerprint Appointments, something...


  1. So jealous you got your numbers before us! :) But that's much more movement on the bottom of the girls list than the to so hopefully we have moved more than we thought. Thanks for posting! CELEBRATING with you! ;)

  2. I just LOVE movement, progress, etc.! So excited for you guys and continuing to pray for your little ones half a world away! We've got to get together sometime soon... I'd love to get to know you better as we walk this crazy road!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥