Christian School to Public School

It looks like my dear little 9th Grader wants to go to a Public School next year.  After 10 years of going to a Christian school, this freaks me out a little bit. :)  Her intentions are good.  She would like to establish some sort of connection within the Public school for one year before she begins 'Running Start' her Junior and Senior year... Since she will not be at the school as much and she will be earning College credit at a local Community College.  It seems a little silly to pay FULL tuition at a Christian school when she will be gone the majority of the day taking College courses - and the only expense there is her textbooks! WOW! YEAH! :) I can't even imagine graduating high school with a AA degree!!! It  REALLY is a cool opportunity, especially for a little Chicka like Madison who isn't a SUPER Fan of High School anyway. She is already looking forward to receiving her teaching degree and hopping on the plane to Kenya to teach elementary students there!  (I think the whole family will have to move then - because we would miss her WAAAAAAAAYYYY too much) :)  I LOVE that she knows who she is and the direction she wants to go, all in accordance with God's Will, Grace and Guidance!  I LOVE her heart and her passion for serving! I love to see her FAITH and to see how she has grown in Christ over the years! I LOVE that she enjoys going to church and can't wait to go to GROUPLIFE on Wednesdays!  I LOVE that she wants to participate in every mission orientated project that the Church has...  I am excited about the person she has become and her character!
I am SOOOO Blessed to be her Mommy! :)


  1. this post about Madison made me cry! what an amazing young lady she is turning out to be! Go Madison, Go!

  2. Oh Joy, Thanks SO much for your note! :) ♥ XOXOX! ♥ ...Would still LOVE to hook up and have coffee and chat! :) ...Hope you are doing awesome AND Dani and the boys! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥