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Our Amazing Social Worker, Diane, (I really, honestly, never ever thought I would say, "I HAVE A SOCIAL WORKER" :) Well... Diane emailed me a while ago to let me know about her NEW Blog!  I finally had a chance to spend some time reading it and I think it's an AWESOME resource... and I wanted to share with you.

Just to give ya a little bit of background on how we got connected with Diane - I think she does most of the home studies here in the Seattle area and she works directly with AGCI! Yeah!! :) ....Diane did all of our adoption interviews with me and Erik and the girls. I never, ever felt like she was looking for something 'wrong' with our family or 'judging' us for who we are. Instead, she was very helpful to share all kinds of information that we would never have though about...  each time we met we learned a lit bit more about how to help our family prepare for this AWESOME adoption journey we have set out on.  It was also nice to talk to someone who has a huge heart for Christ and has been through the adoption process herself! :)

Let me introduce you to "OUR" social worker...

Diane Lostrangio, MSW, LICSW
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing home study and post placement services, birth parent counseling and time limited, solution focused counseling and consultation related to adoption, adjustment to parenting, improving parent-child relationships and family life. I have 20 years of experience preparing adoptive home studies and providing post placement services to adoptive families, preparation and court reports for step parent adoptions and facilitating court seminars and parenting groups for divorcing parents.

My goal in working with parents is to help them achieve more satisfying and meaningful relationships with their children. Specifically, I provide consultation that will help parents make family work for them. This includes navigating times of transition in the family in ways that build on their existing strengths and help them make changes that enable them to create the family life they desire. I am committed to helping parents recognize, understand and effectively manage their own responses to change.

My experience is that how we feel about ourselves as parents has a strong influence on the way we respond to our children and their behaviors and needs. Satisfying relationships with our children, require us to be reflective, conscious and intentional. My work with parents gives them a safe place to reflect, learn and become more attuned to  their children and to go beyond simply responding to behavior.

Just click HERE to check out her BLOG called, "Making Family Work."



  1. We just had our first meeting with Diane yesterday, and loved her!

  2. Janet... Yeah you've started your interviews to complete your HOME STUDY! EXCITED FOR YOU! Glad you liked Diane! I'll be praying things go smoothly for you guys and you are able to submit your Dossier soooooon! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥