...A long time ago a girlfriend told me WORRYING is a SIN!  I used to be THE biggest worry wart - (I worried about the kids getting hurt, driving in someone else's car, staying the night at someone's house... their friends...)  Looking back on those worries and probably soooo many more - I see that I was worshiping a very SMALL God who can only control so many things and I can do the rest! Eeeeks! Thankfully, I know a God now that CONTROLS the entire UNIVERSE! :) YEAH!   I know that whatever happens in my life and my children's lives is how He has planned it.  I am SO happy to give it to GOD!  I know that I still worry and think at times that I have some sort of control over things - probably just part of being human...

...Well, I am now trying a lot more these days to remind myself NOT to worry and to put it ALL in GOD's hands... put Him first.  I am now a Mommy to a TEENAGE Driver! :)   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! :) I have to say I honestly believe 15 years old and a proud carrier of a driving permit just seems too young.  I feel like the age limit should be more like 18!! :)  Really, don't you think when the driving age was created it was centered around farmers, less traffic, less roads, no cell phones...etc. :)   DRIVING is complicated and scary sometimes- even for an ol lady like me! :)

Madison is a smart girl and very responsible.  I just need to remember to be a GOOD example and help her behind the wheel.   WOW!  I never knew how hard this was going to be.  (How in the world did my PARENTS do this! ha ha! - I have to give my DAD huge credit for the amount of patience he had with ME!) :) ...I need to work on being more patient, trusting, and choosing my words and tone carefully (A little tricky when you think you're about ready to drive off the road- where is that BREAK pedal on the passenger side!?  I neeeeeeed one! :))  I know that with Madison driving it will be really helpful in the long run -  especially when we come home from Ethiopia with her siblings. 

Dear Jesus!  Help me to be MORE like you... Help me to put you first the second I wake up till the moment I close my eyes to go to sleep.  Help me to ALWAYS remember that you are in CONTROL.


  1. Oh dear...me-oh-my...NOT looking forward to the driving days! Yikes! But GO MADISON! I bet she's doin' great, huh? ;)

    Miss you guys! Hope to get together again near the end of the month maybe?

  2. I have added your family blog to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs. I wish you all the very best on the rest of your journey!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥