I have been seeing a lot of posts from our AWESOME AGCI families with Trip Details,  Referrals, Gotchya Videos that send me into tears of HAPPINESS...
I am SO EXCITED for these FAMILIES! 
...In the midst of ALL the exciting EMAILS, POSTS, PICTURES, VIDEOS, Etc... 
I  just can't help but imagine how AMAZING it's going to be when it's our turn! :)  
I feel like I am Learning SO much about Adoption, what to expect through all the CRAZY stages, Books to read, Health Questions, Travel Tips... 
It's endless, awesome INFO! :)
It feels SO good to know I have a GREAT, BIG Support Group with other AGCI Families!
 ♥ I feel INCREDIBLY BLESSED to be able to share in their journey's...
and for them to share in mine! ♥
We have really been feeling a BIG tug on our 's to LOVE on a couple...
ETHIOPIAN Daughters/Sisters.
(Yep, that's PLURAL) :)
Our parameters are girls ages 0 to 4 years old. :) 
Getting excited to hear JUNE #'s! :)


  1. We're so excited for you guys and thankful that you live so CLOSE! :) Looking forward to those June numbers...:)

  2. I'm ready for those June #s too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tarah and Megan... THANKS for your comments! We girlies need to hook up again SOOOOOOON! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥