Oh Conneticut...

 Okay... lately it feels like we have been a little stagnant in the paperwork process... :(  We have a completed Home Study!!! YEAH!!  It is out of Diane's sweet hands and into the hands of AGCI... working on final approval. We are still waiting on that Child abuse Check from the state of Connecticut... I tracked the document down and noticed that they received the form on April 26, 2010... Hopefully, Connecticut is a little quicker with their paperwork than the FBI! :)

Since my last post... I met up with a couple SUPER AGCI families (The Rossi and the Voss Families).  We had a nice time getting to know each other - talking adoption and eating really YUMMY food!!  It is Sooooooooooo cool to find other families who are going through this process and to be able to share things with each other. I am totally looking forward to the next get together!! :) We also joined the AGCI - Ethiopia Yahoo Group (listserve)!!  ...another connection, I know we are going to totally enjoy... especially once we are on that crazy waitlist! :)  ...I Can't Wait!!


  1. Just saw your post on the listserv. Love your blog. Our kiddos at home are 17,15,13, and 11.Background checks held us up also. Praying they'll come fast and you can get on the list!

  2. Thanks SOOOO much for your note Dawn!! ....it's nice to know you have older kiddos too - WOW and 4 of them!! How COOL!! ...They must be TOTALLY excited! :)...SOoooooo excited to get on that list... I feel like it's so close! :)
    Thanks for your encouragement! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥