...Calling Connecticut

....so, I got a little 'antsy' about where Erik's Criminal check from Connecticut was and 'googled' Child Abuse Checks in Connecticut.  ..... I actually found a phone number and decided to pick up the phone and give DCF - Department of Children and Families in the State of Connecticut... a CALL! :)

I spoke to a TOTALLY nice lady named Terri - who told me Erik passed the check and on April 30th, they sent the check to AGCI. :)  (Wowie... we could never pick up the phone and call the FBI - this was such a little piece of mind).

...In the meantime Mindy sent our Home Study back to Diane for some revisions, she made the revisions, sent it to me, it all looked goooood - so I sent it back to her... and my guess is, it's back in the hands of AGCI! :) Wowie... that sounds soooo crazy! :)

...since I don't want to call and bother anyone else, I am going to ask God for an extra special dose of patience. :)  I know that it is just a matter of time till we get to add that finalized Home Study to our Dossier and send that little packet off!!  

...It really was refreshing to be able to find out where one little document was along the paperwork trail. :)

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