Life Lately...

Lots and Lots of Softball... :)  UW Huskies hosted Regionals and now SUPER Regionals right here in Seattle
... So, we have become HUSKY SUPER Fans!! :) 

Me and my softball buddy, JUNE! :)

Kinzi, Kara (June's daughter) and Harry, the Husky!!

UW Softball is fun! ...but, we are also packing our days filled with 
12U Northwest Lady Shark Softball! *GO SHARKS* :)

Madison is not a FAN of Softball... (playing it or watching it) ha! SO, she is filling her days spending time with her GROUP LIFE Friends (LIFE LONG Friends) from Overlake Christian Church!  WOW! I wish I would have been connected to a CHURCH and a group with FANTASTIC group leaders and peers to make my HIGH SCHOOL years better... and more importantly, CHRIST centered!

...As busy as our CRAAAAAZZZY schedule is.... getting Kinz to softball practices, Madison to Group Life and Friends houses... ALWAYS on the forefront of our MINDS and in our HEARTS we are thinking and praying about our Adoption and our sweet Babies that God already has planned for our family! We are sharing our adoption experiences with friends, family and even strangers...  :) Hoping and Praying that 
God may tug on someone else's heart to consider adoption.


  1. So excited you're on THE LIST!!! Praying for your little one(s)!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥