Church & Mihret

There is something about Christmas and all of the songs that bring me to tears to where I can't even sing - because they're just flowing and I'm all choked up... Thank you Holy Spirit for living in me, touching me and making me cry tears of JOY knowing and believing that God came to us as a HUMAN BEING, a baby, our King...  to live with us, teach us... to SAVE US! The last couple of weeks at church Mihret has been humming along... and then during one song, she lifted her hands up to her Heavenly Father. Does she know what she is doing? I don't know. But... I neeeeeeeeeded the entire box of Kleenex!! Watching children worship and praise our AWESOME God is just BEAUTIFUL!  I feel like it is unclouded, it is more clear, innocent, passionate... the kind of faith and feeling I want to feel for Jesus... but I let too much garbage in and too many things cloud my heart and my mind... I pray for FAITH like a child!!!

Then he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. ~ Matthew 18:3

As much as I looooove sitting with Mihret during church and looking at her and holding her hand - I totally need to help her become comfortable in the nursery.  Whether it is an adoption thing, a 2 and half year old thing, or just an 'I loooooove to be with Mommy thing'  - it's a BIG deal for me to 'weave' her - but, I know she would totally dig playing with all of her friends too. :)  Soooooo.... for now, we get some chocolate milk and our latte's and sit in BIG church. :)

This year will be Mihret's 2nd Christmas with us... she brings all of us SO much JOY - we could never have imagined life without her!  We are SO thankful for her sweet spirit, her laughs, her hugs, her health! We are blessed more than we deserve!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥