SUMMER happened... and LIFE as we know it got a little more crazy and busier than NORMAL... Now that Summer is starting to wind down and new school/sport/work schedules are being put into place... I am HOPING to spend more time UPDATING our blog... :)

...To do a QUICK lil catch'up - I thought I would share what's been happening lately... through pictures! :)

1. We celebrated Mihret's 2nd BIRTHDAY!! 

She's TWO... and TRULY terrific!!!

...such a different little girl from ONE year ago - when we were celebrating her birthday after our court date in Ethiopia at her transition home - Hannah's Hope.

She has got THE best lil personality!!! All of us have just LOVED watching her grow and change and talk and laugh and make her funny faces this past year!!! :)  We look forward to each new thing she's going to say... her hugs, her kisses!! WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her to pieces!!  

2. We watched A LOT of softball!!! :)  GO KINZ!!!!!

3. Mihret learned to turn on the light switch with 
    a  comb... ha ha

4.  We went to visit family...

Mihret went swimming in  my sister's pool, laughed with her cousins, got to see new baby weiner dogs, eat yummy food, and have a slumber party with Grammy.

5.  Mihret had her first tea party... 

6.  We went to a lot of Parks to swing and swim...

7.  We went back to school shopping... 

8. I watched these two grow CLOSER... 

9.  We went to the BEACH!

10.  Kinz got her BRACES OFF!! :)

11. We vacationed with FRIENDS - had a BLAST!!!!

12.  FIRST Neighborhood BLOCK party! :)

13.  We celebrated Mihret's FIRST Gotcha DAY!!

...We had a FUN-filled Summer for sure.  I will miss not having ALL my girls HOME with me... Especially as Madison begins her LAST year of HIGH school... focusing her time earning COLLEGE credits and working at Starbucksl!!  Kinz will be experiencing life as a Junior Higher at a new, BIG school... and playing select softball on a NEW team this year... Lots of FUN stuff ahead! :) We feel SO thankful and SO blessed with our THREE amazing, BEAUTIFUL, smart, happy GIRLS!!!


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  1. What?! No Hillbilly Cow Chasin' photo?! haha ... Love the awesome summer update, Darcee!! Beautiful family - so blessed!!! xo


Thank you for your kind words! ♥