A Package, Court, Tickets and POPPIES ROCK!!!

Got this in the mail the other day from AGCI – OUR TRAVEL PACKET and a sweeeeet TREAT for our little girl - SO FUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! It was also SUPER cool to see a lil SWEEETIE on the cover of the travel packet that we knew! ♥ Aaaaaw!

…Sooooo, it was about 9:00 in the morning on the 31st of May and I found out our friends had received their court date!! OH WOW!!! I was SOOOOOOOOO Excited!!! I was PRAYING my call was seconds away with the SAME news… But, being the SPAZZzzzz that I am I called our agency about 5 times (okaaaaay, okay maybe a whole lot more… ha ha), I didn’t leave a message – I was just DYING to talk to our case worker and hear the AMAZING NEWS!!!  I never ever got a hold of her but at 2:30 she called me!!! Her first question was, were you trying to get a hold of me? What is your question??? Do you need something?? UH YAAAAAAA! A court date PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!! Ha ha ha! :) So I’ve now earned the reputation of a bonafide stalker!!! Ha ha! ((((SIGH)))) Buuuuuut, she told me the AWESOME news and I was RELIEVED, THANKFUL and THRILLED all at the same time!!! We have a court date!!!!! July 12th!!!  Which just so happens to be our Little “M’s” 

YES! Her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! We are PRAYING we will hear the words, “SHE IS YOURS!” on that day!!! We are beyond overjoyed we will be able to be with her on her VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! PRAISE GOD!  Sooooo…. Without any delay we were on the phone with our travel agent, Erica Shubin to work something up good and cheap (oh wait, there are no cheap tickets to Ethiopia- ha!) However, Erica worked her magic and we found a desirable itinerary and price!!! THANKS ERICA! 

On the EXACT same day we swiped that credit card God put an AWESOME person in our lives with an INCREDIBLE opportunity!!! Lauren Casper emailed me and asked if we would like to be the JUNE family where 50% of the PROFITS of her AMAZING products at POPPIE LANE go to bringing home our little girl!!! What? WOW! YAY! I was moved to tears! Honored and humbled and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Grateful for such perfect timing in this partnership! THANK YOU LAUREN!!

Sooooooooo, please, if you are looking for ways to add some AMAZZZZZING accessories to your outfits with adorable earrings, necklaces, broaches, headbands…  CHECK it OUT right HERE!!! 


Me - SPORT'N one of my FAVE Poppie Headbands!!!! ♥

Thanks again Lauren!!!


  1. Getting weepy all over again reading that you will be with your daughter on her First Birthday. That is a huge blessing!!! LOVE your blogging - keep it up, Sweetie!!! =)

  2. So glad ya'll are the Poppie Lane family this month! YAY!!! And SO EXCITED that you will be in court on your baby girl's 1st birthday! So precious!!!

  3. I am always dumbfounded at the way God works! Not ever in doubt.....but for some reason I am always amazed! So thankful and excited for you guys :) YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a bunch of AWESOME news!!!!! WOOHOO!!! You know I'm jumpin' for joy with you!!!

  5. I will be over there then tooooooo with the OH team! So happy for your fam!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥