♥ Nineteeeeeeen! ♥

You know you've been married a long time when...

1. Your kids see your wedding photos and ask, "Who are these people or you were pretty back then Mommy?"
2. He wears socks to bed...and so do you.
3. You call yourselves Mommy and Daddy without even noticing.
4. What you've memorized about him: his shoe size, waist size, shirt size, style, drivers license #, SS#
5. You can sign his name better than he can...
6. You used to bond over loving the same movies, books, and music. Now you bond over discussing softball, umps calls, coaches decisions, plays etc..
7. You can finish each other's stories word for word. And you do.
8. Your underpants (white, cotton, roomy) look pretty much the same as his underpants and all underpants in the house are referred to as panties! :)
9. When you argue, all the lines are so predictable that you might just as well announce, "Let's have Fight Number Three" and get it over with.
10. By common consent, New Year's Eve ends at 10 p.m.
11. You can tell what the other is thinking just by the way he or she says hi or the look on their face.
12. You mutually agree not to get anything for each other on Valentines Day or your Anniversary... but, to take the family out to dinner instead.
13. You both think your parents are CRAZY!
14. A FUN night out, is Pizza and a movie IN!
15. He let's you have the remote.
16. You start to look like brother and sister instead of man and wife.
17. You don't bother to shut the bathroom door anymore.
18.  He buys you a card and doesn't sign his name in it - but still wants you to read it cuz he took the time to pick it out! ha ha! :)
19. When you discuss, growing old together, and it looks exactly the same - sipping lemonade on the porch swing and chatting about all our CRAZY life experinces...



  1. I just love that...and agree with so many of them. Kevin and I will celebrate 19 yrs in Sept but we only dated 6 months, not 6 yrs. :) Seriously need to have lunch soon. So happy for you both!! Blessings!! ♥Jenna

  2. What a sweet sentiment! Congratulations to you both! To you, Eric, for being a strong Christian man for your daughters and for you Darcee being a woman of faith for your children to model themselves after! Here is to MANY MORE YEARS to come! Good stuff. The Olsens...

  3. LOVE this list, Darcee!! I could relate to many of these - so funny!! Congratulations ERIK and DARCEE. A perfect pair - gorgeous and happy all wrapped into one.

  4. Love this list!! Too cute! Okay, ya'll are such a beautiful couple! Happy 19th Anniversary!!!

  5. HAPPY 19TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!!!! Very sweet post. May this year be filled with blessings in abundance!..........

  6. oh, my word..you guys look like babies in that pic..wow...what cuties...(and you still are OF COURSE :) congrats, kj

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  8. Congratulations! You are such a cute couple...then and now :)

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a beautiful couple! :)


Thank you for your kind words! ♥